Formnext 2023: UnionTech sets the stage for new 3D printing advancements

Industrial 3D printer manufacturer UnionTech has introduced its latest advancements in hardware, software, and materials at Formnext 2023.

Highlights for the tradeshow included the RSPro2100, known for its small-batch capabilities, and the Martrix520, notable for its large build volume. Additionally, new materials and software offerings showcased UnionTech’s diverse contributions to additive manufacturing.

“At present, UnionTech has set up branches and service teams in the United States, Germany, Vietnam, and other countries. It has also established a strong relationship with channels in Europe, North America, the Middle East and more, to provide specialized, localized and refined services for global customers. This goes a long way toward cultivating 3D printing-related innovations across industry, including automotive, electronics, investment casting, education, and beyond,” says the company.

The RSPro600 SLA 3D printer. Photo via UnionTech.

RSPro Series and Dental 3D printing advancements

A focal point of UnionTech’s display was the RSPro Series, a versatile lineup of Industrial SLA 3D Printers tailored for professional use. Models like the RSPro600 and RSPro2100 caught the eye, emphasizing small-batch manufacturing capabilities and the ability to swiftly incorporate market feedback. Noteworthy was the live demonstration of a 2-meter prototype car dashboard printed with the RSPro2100, showcasing UnionTech’s proprietary galvanometer scanner system for stable and precise calibration.

The Martrix520 labeled a “quasi-industrial” desktop mSLA 3D printer, is equipped with a build volume of 298 x 165 x 320 mm and precision up to 0.02 mm. Designed with professional users in mind, this printer offers a user-friendly design, simplifying design change identification and enhancing scalability. Its potential to reduce risks associated with transitioning to high-volume production for prototyping and full-scale manufacturing garnered attention.

UnionTech showcased advancements in dental 3D printing under the EvoDent brand, introducing LCD and DLP desktop solutions tailored for dental clinics and labs. The E Series (E128 and E230) targets clinics and labs, offering high-resolution light sources, large build volumes, and exceptional accuracy for precision applications like restoration models and dentures. The UOne 2K-resolution DLP 3D printer, ensures substantial printing sizes and high precision (56 microns), providing versatility for various dental applications with a range of resin materials.

The Martrix520 desktop 3D printer. Photo via UnionTech.

Novel 3D printing software and tire mold solution

At Formnext, UnionTech showcased its software lineup. Polydevs, a professional data preparation tool, facilitates intuitive 3D CAD model preparation, streamlining the printing process for superior, reliable, and efficient prints. Unionfab ONE, a free, one-click automation tool, simplifies printing by integrating hardware, software, and intelligent parameter settings, easing engineers into the process.

Additionally, UnionTech’s tire molds industrial 3D printing solution integrates 3D technology, including equipment, materials, pre-processing, and a cloud platform. The RA600 maintains precision in printing tire molds, with dimensional deviations within ± 0.1mm, pattern accuracy within ± 0.02mm, and circular alignment accuracy within ±0.5mm. It frees tire mold factories from design complexities, speeding up design iterations and boosting production capacity. This technology addresses diverse design characteristics, offering an efficient solution for the tire mold industry.

Tire mold created using UnionTech’s industrial 3D printing solution. Photo via UnionTech.

Expanding the reach of 3D printing with diverse materials

Established in 2015, UnionTech formed a core materials team, creating Synthestic, a subsidiary solely dedicated to 3D printing materials. Exhibited at Formnext, the materials, including polyurethane, thiol-ene, and special epoxy, cater to diverse applications in footwear, orthodontics, dentistry, automotive, and other industrial sectors. Notably, photopolymer materials, particularly DLP materials, are widely used in 3D printing, says the company. According to the company, Evonik’s alliance with UnionTech yielded photopolymer materials tailored for 3D printing, advancing DLP printing. Among these, INFINAM RG-SLA, a high-performance material for SLA printers, exhibits mechanical properties akin to engineered plastic ABS, featuring exceptional aging performance and durability. It boasts high elongation at break (20% to 30%), high impact strength (50 to 60 J/m), high tensile strength (50 to 55 MPa), and good surface quality.

INFINAM TI-SLA, a durable resin, displays impressive toughness with a 200% elongation at break, ensuring precision with a feature size as small as 0.07 mm. Capable of withstanding bending and impacts in extreme conditions, it offers a suitable tensile modulus of 1500 MPa for functional components. Exhibiting favorable thermal properties, it endures temperatures up to 55 degrees Celsius, suitable for indoor applications. Enabling the creation of complex and delicate designs, it also offers the flexibility to be easily colored, catering to specific requirements.

3D printed violin created by UnionTech. Photo via UnionTech.

“UnionTech is deeply engaged in 3D printing, finding strengths in all areas of the industry as it continues to collaborate with internationally renowned brands. The company is also constantly working to expand the global ecosystem of additive manufacturing, as well as empower global factory automation, and intelligent transformation and upgrading,” says UnionTech.

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Featured image shows UnionTech team at Formnext. Photo via UnionTech.

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