Hirebotics adds support for Miller Auto DeltaWeld in its Cobot Welder

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The Miller Auto DeltaWeld.

Hirebotics says that thanks to the Miller Auto DeltaWeld, its Cobot Welder System is future-proof, easy-to-use, and ready to boost fabrication productivity immediately upon installation. | Source: Hirebotics

As robots increasingly make their way into the world, automation providers are focusing on making the end-user experience faster and easier than ever. Hirebotics LLC today said its Cobot Welder now includes support for Miller Auto DeltaWeld for an even more streamlined user experience. 

The Auto DeltaWeld System is a MIG/Flux-cored, pulsed-capable power source designed for collaborative robots, according to Miller Electric Mfg. Co. The Appleton, Wis.-based company said its system is intended for customers that want the benefits of automated welding without the cost and complexity of traditional power supplies. 

Hirebotics said that with the Miller Auto DeltaWeld integration, its Cobot Welder is a future-proof system. It includes remote software updating so that additional welding features and functions can be easily integrated with the system. 

“While the Auto DeltaWeld Basic is designed for simplicity, we at Miller still want to provide top-of-the-line waveforms,” stated Sam Nolan, product manager at ITW Miller Welding Automation. “As we update and expand our welder functionality, Hirebotics ability to provide online updates is a powerful tool to ensure their customers experience the latest in welding technology.” 

Matthew Bush and Rob Goldiez founded Nashville, Tenn.-based Hirebotics in 2015. The company offers welding and plasma-cutting cobot systems powered by its Beacon platform.

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Miller Auto DeltaWeld Power Source’s key features

The Miller Auto DeltaWeld provides high reliability and welding quality on carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, said Miller Welds. The company noted that it designed the system for sheet metal, structural steel, and heavy industrial manufacturing. 

“Cobots are designed to provide simple, safe automation,” said Nolan. “The Auto DeltaWeld Basic was built just for that. We strive to provide Hirebotics with the ability to provide the best software/hardware experience to keep the cobots easy to use and operate.”

Some of the system’s notable features include: 

  • Pulsed MIG welding: This allows cobots to produce TIG-like welds with MIG productivity, claimed the companies. They said this ensures high weld quality, especially when paired with a cobot. 
  • Miller’s Accu-Pulse: This feature provides a wider operating window, works in all positions, improves pulsed-MIG application, and increases deposition by 20% to 25%. 
  • High-duty cycle: This feature is designed to ensure uninterrupted cobot welding for most applications. 

Hirebotics Beacon lets users control welding setups by app

With smartphone app Beacon, users can control the entire welding setup. Unlike other cobot systems, Cobot Welder lets the user control everything from one place with a simple interface, asserted Hirebotics.

Traditionally, welders must go back and forth between the teach pendant and the power source to control the robot. Beacon is another tool that makes the cobot integration process easier and faster, the company said. 

Beacon is also entirely cloud-based, which means users can control their robots remotely and locally. With it, users can adjust settings such as switching processes between CV and MIG, wire feed speed (WFS), arc length, crater fill time, weave action, pre- and post-flow time, burnback settings, retract settings, hot start settings, and more. 

HIrebotics says its Cobot Welder is a straightforward, app-controlled, turnkey, off-the-shelf welding automation system. Beacon automatically recommends welding parameters using AI, saving end-users time and improving weld quality. Users can also use previously saved settings, or input welding parameters manually. 

Users don’t need any programming or robotics skills to operate Cobot Welder, said Hirebotics. Beacon only requires the settings that welding professionals are used to, like WFS and voltage. The company said that integration with Miller Auto DeltaWeld can ensure the highest level of welding quality on all commonly used materials. 

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