Impac Systems Engineering to enhance AMFG direct-to-consumer model after partnership agreed

AMFG has partnered with Impac Systems Engineering to make its direct-to-consumer model more convenient for users when ordering parts.

Impac is a professional engineering services firm with an Additive division that is skilled in project handling from idea through design, simulation, and production.

By partnering with AMFG, Impac will introduce software solutions that are designed to improve the customer journey through the additive manufacturing workflow. AMFG’s direct-to-consumer model, according to the partners, will now benefit from a simplified ordering process, real-time order tracking and expanded product offerings. The companies are confident users will now experience a more efficient and precise manufacturing process with faster production times, while also being able to monitor the progress of their projects. Users will also be able to customise projects to ensure their unique requirements are met.

“Our customers will benefit from enhanced customisation, efficiency, and transparency throughout the ordering process, ensuring that they receive the high-quality 3D printed products they need quickly and conveniently,” said Aaron Rawls, Lab Manager of Impac Additive. “We saw 29% growth last quarter from the previous quarter and a big part of that comes from the ability to efficiently manage the volume of orders we are receiving, thanks to the software solution AMFG provided.”

“Impac Solutions innovative 3D printing service is an innovative way to make use of the skillset and high-quality machines they have at their disposal,” commented AMFG Technical Consultant Robert Steele. “Their streamlined onboarding process has enabled them to begin this new venture with ample room for scaling. Aaron and I collaborated closely together on this project. It was really interesting seeing how they adapted the AMFG system to fit around their new workflow.”

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