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I am developing a framework in iOS, that has a nested structure as given in the attached diagram
enter image description here
Mainly it contains
1)Main Framework – It holds the reference of both “service framework 1” and “service framework 2” and it offers both features to my framework users. I only wanted to distribute Main Framework to my framework users.
2)Service Framework 1 – Uses the “support framework” to complete its activities
3)Service Framework 2 – Uses the “support framework” and another 3rd party framework to support a BLE hardware device.
4)Support Framework- It uses the alarmofire using the pod file.

But when we tried to inlcude Main framework in an iOS application, we started getting the linker issue” Library not loaded: @rpath against the “service framework 1” and “service framework2” .
I understand that this creates a nested framework references, what is the best approach to resolve this issue.

When we tried to add the “Service framework1” and “Service framework 2” in the iOS application along with “Main Framework”, then it started working fine.

I undestand about Umbrella framework, but since Apple is discouraging that approach I would like to know whether any other challenges going ahead with Umbrella framework in my case?

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