Just how to get rid of steel USB-c suggestion from laptop computer port

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I have much less than novice technology understanding

I obtained a Dell xps laptop computer which required a “converter” (my word) that enabled me to connect in old larger USB wire, so I received from Staples a rectangular shape with 4 old USB ports as well as USB-C end to enter into my xps laptop computer slop.

The steel suggestion appeared as well as currently lives inside the laptop computer xps; the remainder of the wire appeared (however does not have the steel suggestion which is inside the computer system currently).

I attempted to draw it out however can not obtain a hold. I utilized brow plucker however really did not wish to compel anything. I took it to GeekSquad; they maintain it for 5 weeks. Dell provided me this web link https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/679485/ stuck-usb/ #: ~: message= Get%20 some%20 really%20 slim%20 plastic, or%20 whatever%20 side%20 is%20 stuck

however that does not assist as it reveals a various truth situation (where the whole wire would certainly not appear). My situation is the USB-c steel suggestion really came off the wire as well as remained inside the laptop computer port.

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