Linux & UNIX by O’Reilly : linux

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O’Reilly books are often superb. Even when the publishing date is older, it typically does not matter, as a result of the fundamentals of *nix instruments settled some 30 years in the past already.

There was a similar bundle two years ago. Half the books are repeats.

$1 tier

  • new: Linux Gadget Drivers, Introducing Common Expressions, grep Pocket Reference

  • repeats: Basic Shell Scripting, Studying GNU Emacs, Unix Energy Instruments

$eight tier

$15 tier

  • new: Linux System Programming, Mastering Common Expressions, Efficient awk Programming

  • repeats: bash Cookbook, Linux Pocket Information

Some books have been included in different bundles too (DevOps: Linux Pocket Information; Programming Cookbooks: bash Cookbook, perhaps I am lacking one other one).



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