Mecademic says Absolute Calibration services improve robot accuracy

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Mecademic Absolute Calibration.

Mecademic Absolute Calibration is intended to improve performance, mitigate risk, and shorten robot deployment times. | Source: Mecademic

Mecademic, a developer of compact, high-precision industrial robots, this week announced Mecademic Absolute Calibration, or MAC. It is a service that the company said can enhance its robots’ accuracy “out of the box.” 

The Montreal, Canada-based company claimed that MAC demonstrates its ability to deliver robots that meet critical precision and accuracy requirements and eliminates the need for third-party calibration services. 

“The development of our Absolute Calibration service stems from a commitment to uphold the high quality standards we set for our products and to fully leverage our robots’ capabilities,” stated Ilian Bonev, co-founder of Mecademic and professor of industrial robotics at École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), a public research university in Montreal.

“This advancement reflects our dedication to innovation and excellence,” he added. “It provides our clients with a solution ready to integrate and operate right out of the box without needing external calibration. This capability is a game-changer for industries requiring utmost precision and accuracy in their operations.”

MAC addresses demanding industrial applications

Mecademic said it created MAC to service industries where the slightest deviation can affect the outcome, such as optics, photonics, electronics, medical devices, and aerospace and automotive components. The company said the service ensures that its robots meet the rigorous demands of micro-application automation.

The MAC service enhances robots with advanced calibration techniques. These include the use of coordinate measuring machines (CMM) to meet or exceed the highest standards of accuracy, according to the company. 

By integrating this service in-house, Mecademic asserted that it offers “a seamless, efficient solution that enhances performance, mitigates risk, and shortens deployment times across all applications requiring high-precision automation.”

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Mecademic offers a range of robots, tools

Mecademic offers a range of compact systems for highly precise operations, including:

  • MECA500: A small and compact six-axis industrial robot arm, the Meca500 works as a plug-and-work automation component, making it easy into integrate with a computer or programmable logic controller (PLC). The company built it for inspection and testing, as well as laboratory automation. 
  • MCS500 SCARA: This SCARA robot is designed for straightforward integration so that it can deliver for maximum efficiency and precision immediately. It said this robot is suitable for pick-and-place, assembly, lab automation, and other applications. 
  • End-of-arm tooling (EOAT): Mecademic has designed three different end effectors, two electric parallel grippers, and one pneumatic module. The company said its tools offer nearly universal compatibility, making them easy to integrate with robots. 
  • Software: Mecademic has two software offerings. The first is MecaPortal, a Web interface that allows users to interact with its robots in multiple ways. The second is RoboDK for Mecademic Robots. This is a Mecademic-specific version of the simulation and offline robot programming tool. 

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