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Dedrone fundingThe company becomes the only counter-drone firm recognized under the SAFETY Act for its advanced security technology.

Dedrone, a prominent player in smart airspace security, has been granted the SAFETY Act Designation by the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of SAFETY Act Implementation (OSAI). This recognition marks Dedrone as the first counter-drone company to receive such a status.

The SAFETY Act of 2002 is designed to foster the development and deployment of technologies that can effectively counteract terrorism. Technologies must demonstrate proven effectiveness through operational testing or prior usage to qualify for Designation, which provides significant legal protections, including liability caps and exclusive federal court action.

Dedrone’s CEO Aaditya Devarakonda expressed his views on the achievement: “With this Designation award, DHS today made clear that airspace security is now an essential part of any anti-terrorism security apparatus,” Devarakonda stated. He further emphasized the stringent nature of the OSAI’s review process and the significance of this recognition, describing it as “a tremendous honor for Dedrone as the preeminent counter-drone company, now with SAFETY Act Designation status technology and a resounding validation of our ongoing work to ensure our dual-use technology is as effective as possible for both civilian and military applications.”

Currently, Dedrone’s technologies are operational across 32 countries, utilized by key global entities including five G-7 nation governments, 829 sites which encompass 49 airports and 59 stadiums, and numerous U.S. and international governmental agencies. The technology has been integral in securing high-profile events and installations worldwide.

The SAFETY Act Designation remains effective for Dedrone until April 30, 2029, with any deployed Dedrone technology during this period protected for the duration of its deployment.

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