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Anzu Raptor: Saviour for US Drone Users, or Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

What a thing to wake up to. An interesting report from Andreas Makris , Bin4ry ( and Co-Authors: Kevin Finisterre, d0tslash, Jon Sawyer, jcase

The Anzu Raptor has created a dodge for the potential upcoming DJI ban, we know from speaking to Randall Warnas that they sold of the first shipment almost instantly.

The report from Andreas can be summed up like this, the delicious data is in the detail, so either click the link or read below. But I urge you to read it either way.

I will add our intervirw with Randall on Raptor launch day so you can compare and contrast.

  • Hardware: Identical to DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise based on FCC filings and component comparisons.
  • Drone Firmware: Appears to be stock DJI firmware with no major customizations detected. Anzu claims of a custom firmware are unsubstantiated.
  • Remote Controller: Rebranded DJI RC Pro with a custom app (Aloft ai app) likely built on DJI SDK.
  • Aloft App: Relies on DJI SDK and doesn’t appear to offer significant advantages over existing DJI pilot apps. Security claims regarding the app seem questionable.

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