Simply found GraphicsMagick. : linux

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I didnt know this existed. I’ve used ImageMagick and alot of utilities Ive seen which have a backend are likely to name ImagickMagick. Although apparently it is a quicker program and has a steady consisten API and updatte system.

I loaded it up and it seems and feels much like ImageMagick. Havent examined it totally, so I cant say a lot (aside from IM gracefully tells me it cant learn a DICOM/Kodak RVG (Encapped DICOM) picture and believes it is a JPEG), whereas GM segfaults on it

me@residence:~/Photos$ show R1.rvg 
display-im6.q16: Unsupported JPEG course of: SOF sort 0xc3 `/tmp/magick-7452EBP-VrhRXeWJ' @ error/jpeg.c/JPEGErrorHandler/322.
me@residence:~/Photos$ gm show R1.rvg 
gm show: abort attributable to sign 11 (SIGSEGV) "Segmentation Fault"...Aborted (core dumped)

Nevertheless, that is a in all probability an oddity use case. For basic makes use of does anybody who does extra picture oriented duties have a deeper tackle this? Additionally any discipline exerience setting this as an update-alternatives alternative or alias (for drop in alternative that default to IM scripts that do giant scale picture conversion)



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