SmartBear reveals new and upcoming integrations with its API development platfrom SwaggerHub

SmartBear has announced that its API development platform SwaggerHub has been integrated with Stoplight, an API design company that SmartBear acquired last summer.   

According to the company, Stoplight helps simplify the API development process by providing an intuitive interface for design. This makes API design accessible to non-technical users and streamlines the process for technical users.

“SmartBear’s mission is to empower customers with the solutions and capabilities they need to drive quality and efficiency across development teams,” said Sean Butler, vice president of product management at SmartBear. “Integrating Stoplight’s advanced API design features into SwaggerHub highlights this commitment to enhance the API development lifecycle, particularly critical now with the onslaught of AI-related APIs. Customers can expect multiple benefits, including a seamless developer experience from API design to deployment,” said Sean Butler, vice president of product management at SmartBear. 

This follows the platform’s recent integration with the API style guide enforcer Spectral, which provided API authors with new features to help ensure API quality, such as advanced linting, style guide enforcement, and a user-friendly design interface. In addition to improving overall API quality, these features also help ensure a consistent API portfolio and reduce potential errors. 

Later this year the company also plans to incorporate Prism into SwaggerHub, which will allow developers to create mock servers based on their API definitions.

Additionally, SmartBear revealed its intention to reorganize its product portfolio of over 20 solutions into three categories: API Hub, Test Hub, and Insight Hub.  

“As SmartBear realigns its product offerings into intuitive solution hubs, the integration of Stoplight’s tools into SwaggerHub exemplifies our dedication to solving the real-world challenges faced by our customers. The journey towards improved API design, flexible documentation, and reliable APIs is a collaborative effort. We are committed to providing the tools and support needed to navigate this journey successfully,” SmartBear wrote in a blog post

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