Sony introduces A7IV: gizmos

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I have a Sony A7iii and also have actually been wishing to update for as long. Cash isn’t the concern. I do both video clip and also digital photography. The Sony A7Siii brought out terrific video clip specifications yet the pixel matter is simply method to reduced for digital photography, than they launched the A1. For $6k you do not also obtain a verbalizing LCD display or ideal video clip. I simply returned from a journey Great White shark diving. Had a specialist wild life professional photographer aboard with the A1. She informed me the A1 has some major rolling shutter and also pixel binning in video clip. For $6k and also it’s not ideal no buy.

All my hopes got on the A7iv. These specifications are a joke. 4K 60 fps chopped in 2021? Poor LCD display? Very same rolling shutter troubles as the A7iii? My IPhone, GoPro, DJi Mavic, all do greater codecs and also framework prices for $1000 much less. This was a large swing and also miss out on by Sony.

I’m actually captured in a marsh lol without any ideal alternative. If the Canon R5C is actual and also does not overheat I might have to change, please do not downvote me right into oblivion yet. Simply truly dissatisfied.

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