The nominees to the Cybersecurity Defender of 2023 for the Asia Pacific Region.

In cybersecurity, professionals from all walks of life come together to protect sensitive data and share their knowledge with others. Cisco is proud to recognize and celebrate exceptional cybersecurity advocates in each region with the Cybersecurity Defender of 2023 Award.

During a special ceremony at Cisco Live in Melbourne, four outstanding advocates from the Asia Pacific region will be honored, and one will be named the winner. Their stories are truly remarkable and serve as an inspiration to the broader cybersecurity community. We are grateful for their tireless efforts to safeguard critical data and unwavering commitment to the cause.

On the 5th of December, we will announce the winner of this award here on the Cisco Security Blog and during the Security Innovation Forum at Cisco Live Melbourne.

Nominees for the Cybersecurity Defender of 2023 in Asia Pacific Region Award

John started his IT career at Apple twenty years ago. Today, he is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Dyson. John is a passionate advocate for cybersecurity and will share his knowledge and views at two interviews at Cisco Live Melbourne. His commitment to making the digital world safer has earned him recognition from Cisco. John’s journey is a testament to the fact that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and a passion for what you do.

John’s latest endeavor is overseeing the construction of a new manufacturing plant in Singapore, which will have advanced capabilities such as visibility. His vision is to incorporate these capabilities into other plants, making Dyson a leader in innovation and sustainability.

Cheuk Wong is a cybersecurity leader who has built a team of experts to protect one of the largest airports in Australia. As the Senior Director of Cybersecurity at Melbourne Airport, Cheuk Wong understands that preserving the airport’s systems is crucial to ensuring the safety and security of millions of passengers annually.

He is constantly learning and anticipating potential threats to provide robust protection 24/7. Recently, Cheuk Wong spoke at the Cisco Security Virtual Summit Asia Pacific session, sharing how Melbourne International Airport achieved superior security outcomes with a small team that punches above its weight.  His dedication and passion for cybersecurity inspire others to strive for excellence.

Melbourne International Airport caters to roughly 100,000 passengers daily; the uptime of the networks and infrastructure to support the services that passengers and operations staff rely on is paramount.  Cheuk Wong and his team leverage the ecosystem of Cisco technology in their environment to ensure the airport continues to operate and remain secure at all times.

Cheuk Wong will attend Cisco Live Melbourne, where he will continue sharing his insights and knowledge with others.

Satish Chowdhary is a network enterprise architect at Ampol who believes data is the new oil.

He has securely implemented IoT technology across Ampol’s operational, Retail infrastructure and Ampol Energy Services, leveraging security technologies to proactively manage the company’s complex infrastructure.

His critical thinking and expertise in managing diverse threat vectors were crucial in helping secure Ampol’s Datacentre Infrastructure covering refineries, fueling stations, and significant pipelines.

Satish collaborated with Cisco to provide robust layers of security, simplification, and proactive threat mitigation, enabling Ampol to manage its IoT devices securely and efficiently. His contributions have enhanced customer experience and service reliability, significantly contributing to AMPOL’s cyber security domain.

He has shared his experience and insights on multiple occasions and will continue to do so at Cisco Live Melbourne.

Peter, the Cisco Everyday Hero of 2021 award recipient, is a passionate advocate for cybersecurity education.

He encourages aspiring technology professionals to focus on CyberOps and DevOps, stating that “that’s what’s needed today!” Peter has seen the impact of cybersecurity education firsthand, especially for women in the field.

As he explains, “Networking and cybersecurity are still predominantly male-oriented fields. However, a couple of years ago, I had three female students who were mentored at Cisco’s office in Melbourne. Those students told me they got jobs as a result, and they thanked me for pushing them to complete the Cisco program. It gave them the confidence to enter the workforce.”

Peter’s dedication to cybersecurity education is inspiring, and he will continue to share his knowledge and insights at events like Cisco Live Melbourne and through his LinkedIn profile.

I hope that these outstanding cybersecurity professionals’ incredible stories and achievements have inspired you as much as they have inspired me. Stay tuned to the Cisco Security Blog on the 5th of December to find out who will be named the Cybersecurity Defender of 2023 for the Asia Pacific region.

And who knows, you or someone you know will be the next advocate recognized for exceptional contributions to the cybersecurity community.

So, keep working hard, stay dedicated, and never give up on your passion for cybersecurity!

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