This Public Safety Tech CEO Went to Citizens Police Academy to Experience Her Customers’ World

Cytta CorpCytta Corp (OTCQB:CYCA) is a safety and security SaaS technology provider of the CyttaCOMMS collaborative video/audio integration platform and CyttaCARES school security streaming technology.  Their President and CEO, Natalia Sokolova, went to Citizens Police Academy to experience her customers’ environment first hand.  Here’s her account of what it was like.

The following is a guest post by Natalia Sokolova, President and CEO of Cytta Corp.  DRONELIFE neither accepts nor makes payment for guest posts.

Step into the exhilarating and unique world of the ‘Beverly Hills Citizens Police Academy’, where I embarked on an electrifying journey unlocking the secrets of police work firsthand. This journey wasn’t just an education; it was an adrenaline-fueled adventure that plunged me headfirst into the heart of one of the world’s most prestigious police departments. Skillfully masterminded and guided by Sergeant Jeffrey Newman of the Community Relations Unit, the Beverly Hills Citizens Police Academy morphed into an extraordinary odyssey.

Natalia Sokolova Cytta CorpNatalia Sokolova Cytta CorpAmid the deafening echoes of gunshots and the pungent scent of spent gunpowder, the BHPD shooting range transformed our intrepid band of student trainees into a crucible of raw emotions. This was no ordinary outing; this tactical shooting experience was a visceral experience that unearthed a range of feelings and emotions.

As bullets found their mark, a collective gasp escaped from the 18 trainee participants. The power that we felt surging through our fingertips, amplified by the recoil, was overwhelming. Some found their hands trembling, their fingers clutching the weapon with newfound respect for its potential. It was a sobering reminder that firearms were not just inanimate objects but tools that could deal both life and death.

As we transitioned from the realm of paper targets to a sophisticated training simulator, the line between reality and fiction blurred and danger lurked at every turn.  The adrenaline-fueled excitement had given way to a stark reality. This was no longer a game; it was a life-altering experience. We all faced the harsh truth of law enforcement, where all decisions carried weight, and hesitation could have dire consequences.

In those breathless moments, as emotions welled up and hands trembled, the participants had touched the raw nerve of what it meant to carry the weight of authority. The shooting range, once a source of empowerment and excitement, had transformed into a space of vulnerability, where the consequences of our actions became starkly apparent. Many of us, student trainees, carried the weight of significant mistakes made during that training, leaving a lasting impact on our minds.  It served as a poignant reminder that behind the uniform, badge, and weapons, officers are individuals with both bravery and fragility, tasked with the immense duty of making split-second life-or-death choices constantly.

The passenger seat ‘Ride-along’ with Officer Adessa Anderson was a further validation of how dangerous the average day can quickly turn out to be for a police officer.  In a whirlwind six hours, we raced through the city’s neon-lit streets, chasing down DUI suspects and hunting stolen vehicles. It was like living in a high-octane crime novel. Officer Anderson’s unwavering dedication and sharp instincts transformed an ordinary night into an action-packed blockbuster. It was a heart-pounding glimpse into the gritty world of those who protect our community, leaving me with an unforgettable taste of real-life super heroism.

Every strong organization reflects its strong leadership. Chief Stainbrook of BHPD is a living testament to this truth, nurturing a force that stands tall and resilient.  His vision of  “Policing like in 2030 – a blend of tradition and innovation, where we harness technology as a force multiplier to protect and serve our communities with unwavering dedication and precision,” makes a BHPD one of the Nation’s most technologically advanced departments.

The glitz and glamour of Rodeo Drive and the opulent mansions of Beverly Hills do create a need for advanced technological security measures!  Our SWAT class was a great demonstration of this and a real tech-lover’s dream.

The SWAT class really stole the show, though, were the drones, robots, high-powered weapons, and tactical trucks. They felt like something straight out of a blockbuster movie. Drones hovered overhead, robots moved with mechanical precision, weapons glistened, and tactical trucks looked ready for a Hollywood movie scene.

Natalia Sokolova CyttaNatalia Sokolova Cytta

This tech wasn’t just cool; it was the heart of the action, providing SWAT officers with the tools they needed to keep the community safe. It was an exhilarating glimpse into the high-tech world of modern law enforcement, where these gadgets were more than tools – they were the co-heroes of the story, ensuring our officers faced danger with confidence.

The message delivered was clear: staying at the forefront of technology is vital for protecting and serving the community. Proving to me that our company, Cytta Corp, tech isn’t just cutting-edge; it’s vital technology that empowers law enforcement professionals to make critical decisions based on high-resolution imagery in the blink of an eye.

Embarking on a thrilling journey into the heart of law enforcement the spotlight was on California’s Proposition 57, an initiative that initially appeared to be a promising reform of the justice system. It claimed to focus on non-serious, non-violent crimes, offering a more rehabilitative approach to sentencing. But as we delved deeper into its intricate wording, we uncovered a shocking revelation that human trafficking, assault with deadly weapons, hate crimes convicts were released to the streets where our children play. The room buzzed with disbelief. It was a bombshell that no Hollywood scriptwriter could have concocted.

Of course, I cannot forget about our four-legged partners! No Police department would be complete without the K-9 unit. This class was a profoundly heartwarming and emotionally enlightening experience. It unveiled the incredible bond between officers Downs and Kelley and their loyal K-9 partners, Darco and Koa. Witnessing these dedicated dogs not only excel in suspect tracking, substance detection, but also in the perilous task of explosive detection, left me in awe of their unwavering commitment and preternatural skill. However, the class learned the disheartening reality that these exceptional animals are often regarded as mere tools in the eyes of the law with limited funding for their vital protective gear, tugging at the core of our compassion. By collaborating, officers and citizens can spearhead fundraising efforts to secure much-needed protective gear for our four-legged law enforcement partners.

Chief Stainbrook shared with me that: “The Beverly Hills Citizens Police Academy is our commitment to building trust and understanding between our officers and the community we serve. It’s a dynamic program that doesn’t just open the door to the world of law enforcement; it strengthens the bond between our officers and the citizens they protect. It’s our shared journey to create a safer, more enlightened, and more united community.”  I couldn’t agree more. The academy forged a lasting bond of understanding between student trainees and officers that would endure the test of time.

The Beverly Hills Citizens Police Academy experience has proven to be a powerful eye-opener. It’s not just about understanding the complexities of law enforcement, but about experiencing the challenges first hand. It is clear that this type of academy should be promoted and replicated across the United States. Educating citizens on the true scenarios that officers face is essential in fostering empathy and building bridges of trust and relationships between officers and citizens. By doing so, we can all contribute to creating a safer environment for our families, promoting a shared commitment to the safety, security and well-being of our communities.

Natalia Sokolova is a prominent figure and a thought leader with over two decades of experience in global entrepreneurship, strategic growth, and innovation.  She is the President and CEO of Cytta Corp, a managing member of SGG World LLC, a Single Family Office (SFO) and an active investor in the safety and security space. Sokolova graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Maryland.

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