Tricentis announces series of AI Copilots for its testing portfolio, starting with Testim Copilot

The testing company Tricentis has just announced the first in a series of AI copilots for its testing portfolio. The first solution is Testim Copilot, which adds AI capabilities to the automated testing platform Testim

With Testim Copilot, users can input a text description of what they want to test and receive the JavaScript code for that test. In addition to providing test code, it also provides an explanation of that code, which makes it easier to understand and potentially reuse that code for future tests.

By incorporating generative AI into the testing process, Tricentis hopes to make testing accessible to testers with not as much technical knowledge. For users of all experience levels it has the potential to save time and reduce errors.

According to Tricentis, customers who have already been using its AI tools have lowered their test failure rate by 16%. 

“Testim Copilot puts AI directly into the hands of the user, automatically suggesting test cases and fixes, meaning more time spent on workflows to boost productivity and improve time to market for new applications,” said Mav Turner, chief product and strategy officer at Tricentis. “This is only the beginning – we expect future Tricentis Copilot releases to have even greater benefits.”

The next Tricentis products to get AI Copilots will be Tricentis Tosca (currently in beta) and Tricentis qTest. All of the Tricentis Copilots will be available as add-ons to each of the products. 

The company will also be hosting a webinar on May 7 to talk about its AI strategy and its upcoming AI Copilot releases. 

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