Unlock the power of Azure Data Manager for Energy with partners 

The energy industry is evolving. With the transition to more sustainable practices and preparation for immense growth in energy usage, energy companies are increasingly relying on data to gain the insights needed to increase efficiency, support growth, and modernize infrastructure. Energy companies around the world are using Microsoft technologies, including Azure Data Manager for Energy as they move to a more sustainable future. This cloud-based OSDU® Data Platform service can integrate with industry datasets, applications, or other cloud services, manage compute-intensive workloads at a global scale, and quickly ingest data for analytics and decision-making. 

Azure Data Manager for Energy maximizing customer performance

Azure Data Manager for Energy allows customers to efficiently bring their data to the Microsoft cloud and connect it to solutions like Microsoft Fabric, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Purview, and more. Energy organizations can also take advantage of the latest in AI technologies through Azure AI to accelerate transformation and create new value for their customers and stakeholders.

To truly meet the needs of our customers and help them get the most value from the Azure Data Manager for Energy, integration with customers’ third-party applications that serves their day-to-day business requirements is crucial. This is where our Azure Data Manger for Energy partners—including systems integrators (SI), independent software vendors (ISV), data governance specialists and application developers play a critical role. With support from this ecosystem, customers can integrate virtually any dataset, application, or cloud service while leveraging the subsurface tools they already work with from SLB, Halliburton Landmark, and many other industry leaders. We are working with selected partners to test their services and applications with Azure Data Manager for Energy, onboarding more than twenty partners to date with more still to come.

System integrators

To deploy OSDU Data Platform applications faster with fewer resources, energy companies can partner with our ecosystem of system integrators (SI) to help prepare and ingest data into Azure Data Manager for Energy. Beyond data ingestion, these partners can also help surface actionable information and insights for customers, taking advantage of innovative reporting, analytics, and generative AI capabilities. Our supporting SI’s, including Accenture, Wipro, Cegal, and EPAM, are building competency centers and practices around Azure Data Manager for Energy to help our customers with platform implementation into their production environments.  

Beyond implementation, our SI partners are crucial to helping unlock the full potential of your data. Many of these SI’s have dedicated OSDU Data Platform practices, and through their collaboration with Microsoft, they’re able to break down data silos to ensure the full integration of each customer’s data to and through Azure Data Manager for Energy. These SI partners can also build custom extensions, workflows, and domain data management services (DDMS), as needed, to operationalize desired scenarios.  

Not only have these SI’s helped extensively test Azure Data Manager for Energy, but they’ve also tested end-to-end scenarios involving applications from multiple independent software vendors (ISVs), as well as Microsoft first party products, to help ensure you can get the most value from your data with your preferred applications.

Data governance

Our partners and customers want access to secure, clean, and curated data. With large and highly complex data sets of varying quality and formats, data governance issues can quickly derail integration efforts. In addition to SLB, we are working with partners like RoQC, Katalyst, and Petrosys | Interica to address data cleansing and data conditioning requirements, ensuring adequate quality assurance.  Our partners have successfully tested these tools with Azure Data Manager for Energy, as well as also integrated them with Power BI to help ensure seamless interoperability. 

As leaders in energy industry-specific data management needs, these partners can help ensure customer-facing tools can quickly offer rich, structured data views and data visualizations needed—including 3D and map-based visualizations—to quickly deliver new analysis insights, as well as offer continual improvements to include new data types and features.

Application integration with industry leaders

Of course, we can’t forget the interoperability with critical applications that energy customers rely on day-to-day. Microsoft is actively working with industry-leading application providers to ensure their respective line of business applications work with Azure Data Manager for Energy. We’re dedicated to ensuring customers can use the applications of their choice while benefiting from the enterprise guarantees for the safety of their data and systems from Azure.

We’re partnering with SLB to make sure that Delfi apps work on Azure Data Manager for Energy, including applications from SLB’s Digital Platform Partners on Delfi like EarthNET from Earth Science Analytics. Likewise, we are actively partnering with Halliburton Landmark to test seismic data management, borehole data management workflows and bring DecisionSpace 365 applications on Azure Data Manager for Energy.  We’ve also successfully tested applications like GeoLog and SeisEarth from AspenTech, InteractiveAI from Bluware, and IVAAP from INT for seamless interoperability. 

“Azure Data Manager for Energy is providing a reliable, trusted platform as a service (PaaS) designed for OSDU that accelerates the deployment of OSDU applications is key for any successful cloud transformation… Through the IVAAP data visualization platform’s integration with Azure Data Manager for Energy, customers will now have immediate access to these capabilities.”   

Fabrice Buron, Chief Commercial Officer, INT 

The investment continues

We’re continuing to invest in building our ecosystem of Azure Data Manager for Energy partners, bringing more partners onboard regularly. Our global partner ecosystem is fundamental to accelerating innovation across the energy sector. Here’s a quick look at some of the Azure Data Manager for Energy launch partners powering digital transformation.

Video of Azure Data Manager for Energy partner solutions.

Now with Azure Data Manager for Energy, energy-domain data resides in the same place as some of the most advanced AI technologies and cloud services. Energy companies can now have the improved productivity, security, and scale of a cloud platform, built with their needs in mind.

Learn more about our Azure Data Manager for Energy partners and their software solutions today.

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