Update grub.cfg from Windows???: linux

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So, below’s an unusual idea:P:D.

I have no other way to upgrade grub.cfg with Windows. A person may ask “why on the planet would certainly also think about that”. Well, I double boot a great deal and also I wish to have the ability to transform OSes from another location:-RRB-. Transforming / etc/default/grub to boot from alternative 0 to alternative 1 from Linux is quite very easy, however as soon as the Windows alternative is started, I have no means to return back to the various other alternative:-.

So, I’ve obtained the Windows BTRFS vehicle driver set up in Windows (that’s what I make use of for my only indigenous Linux dividers) and also it creates and also checks out to the dividers effectively, no mistakes reported throughout scrub.

And, since I set up the BTRFS vehicle driver in Windows, I was questioning … exists a update-grub. exe for Windows:-RRB-? Gugled a little bit, however, absolutely nothing turned up:-.

/ u/PCChipsM922 U.


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