Webinar: How clean energy makes life more affordable—and how to talk about it

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When: November 23 at 11am PT/ 2pm ET

You’re invited to join a webinar co-hosted by Clean Energy Canada, the Canadian Climate Institute, Efficiency Canada, and Re.Climate exploring how clean energy makes life more affordable—and how to share this message with Canadians. Speakers from each organization will provide a collective crash course on the latest research around clean energy and affordability, including how best to communicate it and how we can help bring everyone along. 

Canadians will spend less money on energy than they do today as we transition from fossil fuels to clean energy, but big challenges remain: the way energy will be consumed and paid for will change, and certain families may find the whole process difficult without help.

In this webinar, speakers Trevor Melanson, Jana Elbrecht, Louise Comeau, Brendan Haley, and Sarah Miller will discuss new research on household-level affordability, electric vehicles, heat pumps, energy efficiency, and effective affordability-oriented communications. The presentation will be followed by a discussion in which attendees can put their questions to panelists.

Join us at 11am PT/2pm ET on November 23 as some of Canada’s leading climate think tanks offer informed insight on the most politically salient issue of the year.


Sarah Miller (Research Lead, Adaptation Team), Climate Institute

Sarah is the Adaptation Research Lead at the Canadian Climate Institute, where her work focuses on limiting the damage to households, communities, and the economy from worsening climate impacts. She was previously Director of Policy and Strategy for the BC Greens, as well as an independent consultant, providing policy advice and strategic planning services to non-profit organizations and governments. Sarah holds an MPhil from the University of Oxford and a BSc from the London School of Economics.

Dr. Louise Comeau, Re.Climate

Dr. Louise Comeau is a Senior Advisor at Re.Climate, Carleton University’s centre on climate change communications and public engagement. Louise has more than 30 years’ experience in climate change policy, communications, and solutions-related advocacy and programming. Louise holds a doctorate in environmental management, focused on environmental ethics and behaviour change from the University of New Brunswick. She is a member of the Federal Net Zero Advisory Body.

Jana Elbrecht headshot

Jana Elbrecht, Clean Energy Canada

Jana is a policy advisor with the Clean Economy team, where she works on policy solutions for a thriving and sustainable Canadian economy. Before joining Clean Energy Canada, she worked for two climate consulting companies in Berlin and as a freelance policy researcher in Canada. Jana holds a summa cum laude bachelor’s from University College Utrecht and a master’s in International Affairs from the Hertie School.

trevor melanson headshot

Trevor Melanson, Clean Energy Canada

Trevor is Clean Energy Canada’s communications director and has been with the organization since 2016. He also has a decade of experience as a magazine journalist, having worked as an online editor at Canadian Business, as the associate editor of BCBusiness, and more recently as the senior editor of Vancouver magazine.

Brendan Haley, Efficiency Canada

Brendan Haley is the Director of Policy Research for Efficiency Canada, a Carleton University based research and advocacy organization. He is also an adjunct research professor in Carleton’s School of Public Policy and Administration. He started working to eliminate “energy poverty” 20 years ago as part of Nova Scotia’s Affordable Energy Coalition.

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