Where Does BetterCloud Fit Into Your Tech Stack?

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When people discuss their technology heaps, it’s simple to think that they’re discussing shows languages. Are you a Rust store or does your group still hold on to JavaScript like your favored hoodie from secondary school that every person concurs that you should simply throw out?

But as SaaS fostering remains to blow up, we can likewise make use of the term “technology pile” to explain the expanding collection of devices that an IT group makes use of to find, take care of, as well as safeguard a company’s SaaS applications. A lot of people possibly acknowledge those devices by the phrases that specify them: IDaaS (identification as a solution), IGA (identification administration as well as management), CASB (cloud gain access to safety broker). You understand, simply among others.

While the risk of SaaS sprawl could lead you to think that a regular IT technology pile appears like a young adult’s messy storage room, the most effective instances are thoroughly intended as well as diagrammed. And also as we’ve seen for many years, a number of those instances consist of BetterCloud as a crucial part. Allow’s discover just how BetterCloud suits IT’s technology pile in more information.

Can BetterCloud work as our whole IT “technology pile”?

It extremely well could, relying on the dimension of your company as well as its distinct IT requires. As business expand in dimension as well as intricacy, they often tend to make use of BetterCloud together with various other devices. While BetterCloud deals with a few of the better information like documents approvals as well as admin setups, you do not always need to claim goodbye to your CASB or IDaaS.

Gartner just recently resolved this concern in its most recent Market Guide for SaaS Management Platform (SMP). Below’s a straight quote from the record: “CASB devices vary from the main management clearinghouse duty that SMPs play, front-ending the indigenous controls of different SaaS applications. Instead of contending offerings, devices like CASBs will certainly operate in combination with SMPs.”

As our Chief Business Strategy Officer Shreyas Sadalgi composed in February, that’s just how most BetterCloud clients have actually executed our SMP remedy. And also based upon the plenty of applications our group has actually seen, CASBs aren’t the only options that can be made use of together with BetterCloud.

So just how does BetterCloud play well with an IDaaS, IGA, or a CASB? We’ll enter into some (somewhat) extra in-depth instances in this blog post, however I assume you’ll promptly recognize a couple of fads. Below’s a TL; DR of what we’ll unload in upcoming areas. Directly, I do not assume you need to quit below.

  • Customers make use of an idaas or an iga to take care of the first customer provisioning jobs of an onboarding procedure.
  • After an individual gains standard accessibility to SaaS applications, BetterCloud deals with the better information, like figuring out which sorts of documents need to be cooperated Slack as well as producing custom-made admin duties in Google Workspace.

OK, adequate context. Allow’s discover some details instances of just how BetterCloud suits your technology pile.

( A fast note prior to we go on. Our buddies in options design prompted me to allow you understand that these instances specify to customer lifecycle administration. They’re likewise not a one-size-fits-all remedy for all IT companies. While I’m at it: Hi, Blair!)

Where BetterCloud suits your technology pile

Architecture with an IDaaS

The standard technicians of just how BetterCloud harmonizes an IDaaS follow the TL; DR we talked about previously in this blog post. An IDaaS like Okta or OneLogin stipulations applications to an individual using SSO and after that BetterCloud deals with the remainder. Simple? Certainly not.


It’s been a bit considering that we spoke about just how OneLogin as well as Okta both incorporate with BetterCloud. This is a great chance to assess.

OneLogin as well as Okta collaborate with BetterCloud in a number of similarly. After the first customer provisioning is done using OneLogin or Okta, BetterCloud pays attention to them for modifications to customer identifications.

Let’s claim one customer in your org has actually transitioned to an additional division. When you upgrade that individual’s account in OneLogin or Okta, this will certainly set off BetterCloud to do … any type of variety of jobs that IT would certainly or else need to finish by hand, such as reassigning that individual to various teams in Google Workspace or altering approvals in Salesforce. When you alter an individual’s standing to “put on hold” on either system, BetterCloud can immediately start the offboarding procedure.

But delay, does not Okta take care of customer deprovisioning? It does, however BetterCloud deals with the better information (as well as allows you to automate them), such as moving documents to a supervisor, cleaning gadgets from another location, as well as waiting a collection amount of time prior to erasing the customer.

Ultimately, BetterCloud is a corresponding device to an IDaaS, which is a corresponding device to an Identity Governance as well as Administration (IGA) remedy. Several phrases! What the hell are we discussing? Allow’s take a more detailed look.

Architecture with an IGA

Here’s a not-so-fun workout. Look Google for the distinctions in between an IGA as well as IDaaS. You could desire to toss your computer system out the home window if your experience is anything like mine.

Pamela Armstead at Okta discusses that identification administration as well as management is a policy-based technique to identification administration as well as gain access to control. That makes feeling? It does not discuss just how an IGA functions with an IDaaS– as well as even more significantly, just how BetterCloud fits in.

Here’s an additional aesthetic to assist understand the complication:


When we make use of the phrase IGA to explain a remedy, we’re describing a different item that figures out whether an individual can have accessibility to an application based upon the plans established by your company. When the IGA provides an individual the thumbs-up, the IDaaS develops the licenses that the individual requires. BetterCloud deals with the granular activities like sharing folders as well as documents, using the suitable setups to an account, as well as placing an individual in the right teams as well as networks.

OK, however what concerning my CASB, IPaaS, as well as SIEM?

Trust us, we really did not forget these. And also we’re most definitely not stating that you need to ditch your CASB, IPaaS, or SIEM. Gartner advises that IT companies need to make use of a mix of options to find, take care of, as well as safeguard a cloud-based setting.

But what we are stating is that linking these devices with BetterCloud needs you to address some actually details inquiries concerning your IT setting.

OK, below’s simply one instance of just how an IPaaS could collaborate with an HRIS, IDaaS, as well as BetterCloud.


In this idea, the company’s HRIS synchronizes to Okta, which sets off BetterCloud to do all the magic we’ve talked about a number of times in previous areas. When BetterCloud has actually finished the innovative activities, it synchronizes back to Okta, which after that synchronizes with the IPaaS, as well as ultimately back to the HRIS. Phew.

This asks one sixty-four-thousand-dollar question: Why would certainly an IT company wish to undergo every one of this difficulty? According to our IT people, this configuration has a tendency to be required for companies that make use of heritage systems. A lot of those heritage systems do not function effortlessly with more recent devices like BetterCloud– as well as in these circumstances, an IPaaS attaches every one of your systems with each other.

One of the significant allures of an IPaaS is that they allow you to sync information from a selection of resources. This likewise implies that an IPaaS can live anywhere in an IT design. Be our visitor if you would certainly such as to attach your IPaaS straight to BetterCloud. We can assist you figure that out if you would certainly such as to attach your IPaaS to something else.

The exact same can be claimed for just how BetterCloud harmonizes a CASB or a SIEM. The brief solution to the concern we presented in the title of this post? It depends upon just how you wish to make use of those devices with each other. We possibly do not require to inform you that your IT setting is distinct– therefore also are the possible manner ins which you could make use of BetterCloud with your existing technology pile.

Customers usually make use of a CASB with BetterCloud for on-endpoint or on-device proxy security. While most of CASBs have some Cloud DLP capability, they’re normally not as granular in removal as ours.

The on-endpoint proxy security that a CASB provides allows IT to automate a selection of jobs, consisting of:

    If an individual shares a documents using e-mail or USB drive


  • Track.
  • Scan documents on a gadget
  • Scan the whole network to see if documents are relocating where they should not
  • Block undesirable web traffic

On the various other hand, a SIEM works for dashboarding as well as information storage space. IT could make use of a SIEM to have all of its syslogs from all of its SaaS applications fill right into a solitary control panel. A manager can after that weight that control panel with information from BetterCloud to restrict sharp tiredness.

Final ideas

If I left you without 2 vital suggestions,

I would certainly be remiss. Also though there are somewhat extra regular means that BetterCloud functions with an idaas or an iga, all of the instances we talked about in this blog post are not one-size-fits-all options. And also a lot more significantly, we’ve just discussed customer lifecycle administration instances. Those situations are also extra details to your company’s demands when you begin excavating right into various other IT concerns like documents safety as well as expert hazards.

Want to discover more concerning just how BetterCloud deals with your existing tooling as well as suits your technology pile? Arrange a trial.

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