Why TikTokers Flock to the Trans Handy Ma’am for DIY Repairs

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Mercury Stardust a.k.a. The Trans Handy Ma'am next to trans flag and TikTok logo. (Image: Mercury Stardust, TikTok, and Alyssa Shotwell.)

Back in March 2021, Mercury Stardust (her name an ode to Freddie Mercury and also David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust) published her very first TikTok, dealing with why a lot of burlesque professional dancers utilize pseudonyms. Along with the periodic feline video clip (infants called Nitro and also Apollo), Stardust reviewed her life as a part-time cabaret entertainer in Wisconsin and also exactly how that aided her with her trip with identifying her sex.

The very first video clip that would certainly establish the trajectory for Stardust’s skyrocketing appeal on TikTok came a couple of days later on, as she responded to a lessee being dealt with badly by the upkeep service technicians. Some video clips later on came with a tutorial on exactly how to utilize a cog band. By April 4, she called out to any person to mark her if they required aid with upkeep concerns.

Stardust said on exactly how, often, queer individuals and also cis ladies obtain anxious and also are often patronized by individuals there to aid. She chose after that to utilize her 14 years functioning as an upkeep service technician (not consisting of the years her papa showed her exactly how to do repair services) and also the 7 years of mentor burlesque to equip individuals to find out exactly how to take care of little repair services on their own.

@mercurystardust Trans Maintenance Lady #maintenance #repair #repairlady #handyman #trans #lgbtqia ♬ Wii– Mii Channel– Super Guitar Bros

While her dealing with audiences as “fellow people” is most likely simply an enjoyable and also considerate means to deal with individuals, this might additionally be a thematic holdover from her sideline as a professional dancer and also her love for sci-fi. Stardust holds an once a week cabaret program at sci-fi-themed workshop TheSpaceShip.tv.

What sort of video clips does Mercury Stardust make?

Since providing guidance online, she’s truly done it all as for typical repair services. Stardust has actually demonstrated how to deal with concerns in the bathroom storage tank, light buttons not functioning, reduced tap stress, splashback when diving, obtaining tricks unstuck, covering little openings in wall surfaces, altering recessed illumination light bulbs, shower head substitute, and also extra.

In enhancement to standard repair services and also how-to video clips, she additionally offers basic guidance for occupants. Actually, if you have not seen her tackle it and also you ask, she’ll make a video clip on it!

@mercurystardust #greenscreenvideo. Thanks @uhhh_reli for the concern. Sink Low Pressure. #Homeowner #Home #LGBTQ #Trans #FYP #Plumbing #Sink #greenscreenvideo ♬ Steven Universe– L.Dre

On the off opportunity Stardust does not understand much regarding the topic, she’ll stroll you with exactly how to discover the appropriate response. This consists of points like where to look for identification numbers and also Google search terms. A few of this might appear truly evident, however unless you’ve been instructed, you simply do not understand.

Stardust has 1.5 million millions and also fans extra sights due to the fact that she speaks to individuals, not at us. After paying attention to the issue, Stardust directs and also holds at devices and also items like a trainer. Due to the fact that often small distinctions make specific troubles one-of-a-kind, she’s made numerous video clips on some of the very same subjects. It does not injure that her positive power is commonly matched with the prominent, comforting TikTok track identified Steven Universe by L. Dre.

We DO discuss Drano

My intro to Stardust was because of my companion sharing a video clip of Stardust asking individuals not to utilize Drano to deal with clogged up drains pipes. As somebody with thick curly hair, I was a Drano demon and also truly shocked till she clarified why to prevent this typical “repair.”

@mercurystardust Reply to @dmv. harvey Why no Draino!? #diy #Trans #maintenance #queer #Home #maintenance #draino ♬ Steven Universe– L.Dre

Basically, Drano breaks down oil however not the real hair (or whatever is obstructing the pipelines), so utilizing it is simply pressing the issue better down for another person to deal with. Stardust has actually talked about making use of the fluid as a preventative procedure, however not as a go-to when there is currently a blocked scenario. Stardust is so anti-Drano as a solution that she and also others on the system have actually developed video clips meme-ing on this interest.

@mercurystardust #duet with @katieguinn97 Reacting to a meme video clip of me #homerepair #lgbtq #reaction #DIY #renting #Trans ♬ Please adhere to alexisdidwhat– Alexis Whitehead
@mercurystardust Drain can harm pipelines and also make obstructions even worse. Hand Auger is the very best path. #Trans #ladytechnicians #diy ♬ оригинальный звук– Videographer|ROSTOV
@mercurystardust Chemicals in your drains pipes can trigger even worse obstructions and also set you back even more cash in time. Utilize a drainpipe Snake whenever feasible #DIY #Plumbing #Draino #FYP #LGBTQ ♬ initial audio– Bone Broth Bastard

In the FAQ area of her web site, under “How do you really feel regarding Drano?” it simply states “NO!”

Finding a method to maintain herself by assisting others

Within 8 months, Stardust started to deal with her TikTok video clips permanent with the aid of contributions, Patreon, and also merch sales. (Here is the resource of the poultry nugget-themed merch.) Pretty beforehand, she confessed she was come close to by different organizations to do sponsorships, however pick not to take them to maintain count on with her audiences.

I’m not versus sponsorships for makers in all. It’s truly remarkable that she made this choice due to the fact that of the room she inhabits online. Her video clips are how-tos, they’re additionally making it possible for individuals to equip themselves and also obtain the ideal work done, brand name of device apart. Back to Drano, despite the drainpipe cleansers, she does not advertise a details brand name– simply a device.

@mercurystardust Reply to @corinndella Beat sort of remark!!! Thank you xoxo #kindess #education #tiktoklearning ♬ initial audio– Mercury Stardust

Stardust leads with compassion and also advises individuals that discover her web page “You deserve the moment it requires to find out a brand-new ability.”

( through TikTok, picture: Mercury Stardust, TikTok, and also Alyssa Shotwell)

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