Wiim Pro Plus review: An audio streaming masterclass for the masses

It’s never been easier to hook your iPhone up to a music player — be that a Bluetooth speaker, a smart speaker, or even an AirPlay-supported amplifier or AV receiver. For those with older hardware, or more focused audio devices, however, it might seem like there are fewer options beyond the expensive Hi-Fi separates that can cost upwards of $500.

There are actually loads of options, not least the Wiim Pro which I’ve already had the privilege of checking out. There’s really only one option that you should choose now, however, with the Wiim Pro Plus. You needn’t look further than Wiim’s latest if you want to get your iPhone to play music over your older audio hardware.

Wiim Pro Plus: Price and availability

Wiim Pro Plus

(Image credit: Future)

The Wiim Pro Plus is available from all your favorite retailers, including Amazon, the Wiim store, and anywhere else you might shop for your home Hi-Fi needs. It’s going to cost you $219 — and while that might initially sound like a lot, it works out to be a Hi-Fi bargain.

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