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It is no secret that we are living in an unprecedented fast-paced, innovative society. Everywhere you look someone is promoting a new application, a phone that is more innovative than the one released the year before, or a tool that will solve your technology challenges. With a society of people that are so bio-diverse with ideas, thoughts, and needs that are equally various, it could seem impossible to make a choice or feel confident that you’re making the right choice for yourself, your team, your company, or even the world.

That’s where Cisco and our valued distributors step in as your true, trusted advisor. Advisors to help you make the best choices for your needs that will have the best results for the years to come.

Quarterly Partner Insights

Based on the advancing technology, the Americas Distribution Team identified a few areas where our partners can drive greater success within their business. Our distributors have done a phenomenal job of sharing these priorities with their partners, but we want to do more to directly enable our partners and fuel success through distribution. That is where the Quarterly Partner Insights events come into play.

These quarterly 1-hour partner events enable Cisco experts to talk directly with a select group of Value-Added Reseller (VAR) partners. We use this hour to give a hypersonic, high-level, view of our priorities to the partners and then enable them to have additional strategic discussions with their distributors. To ensure success, we are building up our distributors, your trusted advisors, with the tools and resources they need to help partners elevate their business strategies.

In Q3 FY24, we shared a few key priorities:

  1. Cisco Sales Growth Sprints: Re-imagine workspace and Full stack observability
  2. Cisco Black Belt Academy updates and a NEW specialization: Core Security, which I’ll talk more about!
  3. Cisco Security Competitive Insights

These areas are important to our overarching strategy, and from our insights, we know there is significant opportunity for our distributors and partners to be successful. If you missed these great events, for sales or general, you can watch the recordings and review the presentations through these links.

Sales Recording

Sales Presentation

General Session Recording

General Session Presentation

Core Security Specialization

As I mentioned above, we have a brand-new specialization called Core Security. This specialization launched at the end of calendar 2023, and we recognize it as an opportunity for partners to demonstrate their capabilities in today’s competitive cybersecurity landscape. This specialization sets partners apart and gives them the recognition to deliver scalable security solutions to defend against threats while maintaining integrity and continuity for customers.

Cisco specializations enable partners to significantly increase their profitability while also showing their customers that they are a true, trusted advisor. Within the Core Security Specialization, partners will demonstrate their sales and technical knowledge to achieve Select status, unlock unique revenue potential, and increase opportunities to land new customers.

“83% of SMBs say cybersecurity is their #1 IT challenge, and almost 70% of all B2B IT
spending in 2023 is for cloud-based infrastructure, software, and services.”

Cybersecurity needs are only going to increase as our world continues to move at hypersonic speeds in technology innovation. Take advantage of the security market opportunities today by obtaining your Core Security Specialization.




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