Android Studio Iguana features better insights for debugging Android apps

Android announced the release of the latest version of Android Studio, with new features aimed at improving the app development workflow.

Among its notable features in Android Studio Iguana is the integration of the version control system within App Quality Insights, which is designed to streamline the development process by providing more detailed insights into app performance and quality. 

When developers utilize Android Gradle Plugin (AGP) version 8.3 or later, along with the most recent iteration of the Crashlytics SDK, AGP incorporates git commit details into the build artifact dispatched to the Play Store. 

This enhancement enables Crashlytics to append the specific git commit information to crash reports upon occurrence. Consequently, Android Studio Iguana leverages this data to facilitate developers in identifying and correlating the crash with the precise segment of code in their git history responsible for the issue.

This integration significantly streamlines the debugging process for developers. Through the App Quality Insights window, following the deployment of their applications built with AGP 8.3 (or newer) and the updated Crashlytics SDK, developers gain the ability to directly navigate to the problematic line of code within their current git checkout. Additionally, they can access a differential report that contrasts their present codebase with the specific version that led to the crash.

Additionally, this version introduces new built-in support for creating Baseline Profiles specifically for Jetpack Compose apps, enabling developers to optimize their applications more efficiently, according to Neville Sicard-Gregory, the senior product manager at Android Studio stated in a blog post

The new release also includes Jetpack Compose UI Check, progressive rendering for Compose Preview, and IntelliJ platform update, Baseline Profiles module wizard, and more.

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