Apple’s immersive video cameras: what they look like

Close-up of Apple’s immersive video cameras (Source: Reddit)

Apple has not said how it shoots immersive video for the Apple Vision Pro, but photographs at an MLS game have revealed the camera rigs it uses.

There have been previous reports claiming to show a VR camera rig at what was said to be an Apple TV+ show. However, much clearer images of the cameras, and also notes on their deployment, have now been shown on Reddit by user Joe-notabot.

Apple reportedly had eight cameras at the MLS game — between the Portland Timbers and the Seattle Sounders — with about half in fixed positions. Two were said to be adjacent to the goals, having an elevated position just inside the six yard box.

One each was posted above the player bench, on a raised center line walkway section behind fans, and close to the touchline. The remaining three were mobile, being carried around by operators.

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