‘Argylle’ spy flick sneaks onto Apple TV+ on April 12

The action-comedy romance film Argylle finally reached Apple TV+. The spy thriller turns spy-movie tropes upside down.

The star-studded movie — there’s Henry Cavill, Dua Lipais and many more — is not a hit with critics but it does fairly well with audiences.

Argylle about to hit its Apple streaming release date

Apple TV+ has built a reputation for serious historical dramas, including Killers of the Flower Moon, Napoleon and Greyhound. But it makes simple action flicks too, including Ghosted and The Family Plan.

And now there’s Argylle. Apple’s description says:

Elly Conway, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, is the reclusive cat-loving author of a series of bestselling espionage novels about the impossibly glamorous secret agent Argylle (Henry Cavill), who’s on a mission to unravel a nefarious spy syndicate. When Elly, with the help of feline-hating real-life spy Aidan (Sam Rockwell), discovers that her story mirrors the actions of an actual spy organization, a dangerous game of cat and mouse ensues. In order to stay one step ahead of the syndicate’s assassins while also working to prevent a global crisis, these two unlikely conspirators — accompanied by Alfie the cat — find themselves in an adventure story of their own.

With all that star power, Argylle could have been a blockbuster. But it got a 33% approval rating on the review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes. That said, the audience approval score is 72% so many regular viewers enjoy it.

The spy-vs-spy fun is ready to watch now

After the film premiered in theatres on February 2, Argylle made its global streaming debut on Apple TV+ on Friday, April 12.

Watch on Apple TV

Watching comes with a subscription to Apple TV+. The service costs $9.99 per month, with a seven-day free trial. You also can watch it via any tier of the Apple One subscription bundle.

The streaming video service also includes much more, of course. Apple produces an array of generally highly rated movies and series of its own.  There are dramas, comedies, musicals, children’s shows, nature documentaries, etc.

Want more tips on what to watch on Apple TV+? Read our guide to the 15 best shows on Apple TV+.

Source: Apple

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