Atlan and Soda Unite to Integrate Data Quality with Data Governance

We’re excited to announce a powerful integration between Atlan and Soda that brings data quality testing context and results directly into Atlan’s active metadata platform.

The native integration follows a collaboration between both cloud-native, SaaS companies and can be set up in minutes, providing you with an intuitive and comprehensive platform to find, trust, and use the right data.

Imagine having a one-stop shop to consolidate all your data knowledge, creating a living, breathing repository of information. And imagine setting this up in minutes. Atlan and Soda are joining forces to make that vision a reality. Atlan, with its user-friendly interface akin to Google’s simplicity, is perfectly positioned to deliver on this promise. Combined with Soda’s robust data quality testing capabilities, this integration empowers any data consumer to instantly decide which data assets can be trusted.

For any data asset cataloged in Atlan and tested by Soda, users can now see check result, trend metrics and all details of the performed checks directly in Atlan.

Metadata and metrics delivered by Soda can trigger the right playbooks in Atlan to make data governance active and help users make intelligent decisions on key assets such as reports. This includes, but is not limited to, report certification or alerting downstream data consumers of potential data issues.

The integration between Atlan and Soda is designed to fundamentally build trust across your enterprise, by following 3 key principles:

1. Transparency and Awareness

Trusting data begins with transparency into the data pipeline and timely awareness of potential issues. Data consumers, like business analysts and product managers, want to know if the data they are relying on is accurate and reliable before they use the data. 

Atlan and Soda’s integration solves this problem, and prevents unintended data issues, by seamlessly bringing Soda’s data quality metrics and results, right into the hands of business users. 

After a Soda data quality check has run, all relevant metadata and check results get uploaded into Atlan. This includes passed checks, failed checks, warnings, check definitions, and any incidents. 

The check results conveniently appear in Atlan’s Chrome extension, ensuring that data quality insights are readily available while you work within your familiar browsing environment and tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, and Salesforce. No more switching between applications or hunting for information; the health of your data is now just a click away.

2. Trust is a Team Sport

Building trust in data is not the responsibility of a single department or individual — it’s a collective effort. Trust is cultivated when data consumers and producers come together in one collaborative environment.

One Home for Data Producer and Consumer Collaboration

Atlan and Soda make this vision a reality. Through an embedded collaboration experience with Slack and Microsoft Teams, data producers and consumers are brought closer than ever before. Now, when a data consumer observes a failed Soda data quality check in Atlan, the user can identify the data asset owner and send a message directly in Slack or Teams, highlighting the failed check with a link to the data asset.

And data producers don’t need to switch to yet another tool to identify why the test failed. Within Atlan, data engineers and architects can see column-level lineage for their data landscape – with Soda data quality checks highlighted directly on every data asset, from columns to datasets. 

Atlan’s column-level lineage overlaid with Soda’s checks help data users understand where issues originated, and what teams are responsible. It also helps collect the list of impacted people and starts the notification process to these teams.

The intuitive interface empowers data producers to quickly identify data quality issues and conduct root cause analysis, supported by operational metadata from tools such as Airflow and dbt.

A Declarative Data Quality Language for Every Human of Data

At the core of Soda sits SodaCL, a declarative language that is human-readable and -writable. This facilitates collaboration between technical and business users, fostering a shared understanding of data quality checks. This then ensures that data validation processes are not confined to technical experts alone. Moreover, SodaGPT, an AI-powered feature, enriches this experience by automatically generating and suggesting checks, simplifying the creation of comprehensive data quality rules.

3. Automation by Design

Gone are the days of manually monitoring data quality or dealing with fragmented data knowledge across various tools. Today, it’s important to activate metadata to meet the real-time needs of enterprise data users. 

Atlan’s integration with Soda ensures that downstream data consumers are programmatically notified of upstream data quality issues through a combination of trust signals like announcements, badges, notifications, and alerts. 

These trust signals show up in Atlan’s Data Asset 360 profile as well as Atlan’s Chrome extension, to empower data consumers and producers to confidently make decisions with data in real-time.

We’re thrilled to bring this integration to life, unlocking the potential for seamless data quality testing and metadata activation. As cloud-native SaaS companies, Atlan and Soda are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation, continuously enhancing your data management and decision-making capabilities.

Build trust between your team and in your data by exploring the power of Atlan and Soda’s integrated solution.

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