AWS announces two new upcoming AI certifications

AWS has created two new certifications in AI to help job seekers who are trying to secure jobs that require those in-demand skills. 

According to a study from AWS, jobs that require AI skills offer a 47% higher salary in IT, 43% higher in sales and marketing, and 42% higher in finance. 

The first certification is AWS Certified AI Practitioner, which is a beginner-level certificate that validates a person’s knowledge of AI, ML, and generative AI concepts and applications.

The exam topics include fundamental AI concepts and terminology, use cases, design considerations for foundation models, model training and fine tuning, prompt engineering, foundation model evaluation criteria, responsible AI, and security and compliance.

The second is AWS Certified Machine Learning Engineer – Associate, and is more advanced and meant for people who have been building AI and ML solutions on AWS for at least a year. 

Topics on this exam include data preparation for ML models, feature engineering, model training, model performance and metrics, model integration and deployment, performance and cost optimization, and security. 

Both certifications will be open for beta registration on August 13th, 2024 and will cost $75 USD each. 

The AWS Certified AI Practitioner exam features 85 questions taken over a 120 minute exam period, and the AWS Certified Machine Learning Engineer – Associate exam features the same number of questions, but allows 170 minutes to take the exam. 

“Whether you’re a student beginning to explore a career in AI, a professional in a business role with a solid grasp of AI concepts, or an ML specialist operationalizing AI models, AWS’s new certifications can help you prove that you’re well positioned to innovate in your field,” Amazon wrote in a blog post

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