Bone conduction headphones with LEDs boost nighttime safety

If you like wearing earbuds outside at night, and you don’t like getting creamed by cars or aggro bicyclists, a pair of bone-conduction earphones with LED lights that wrap around your neck is a solid safety option. And these Dashlyte Bluetooth headphones check all the boxes.

They keep your earholes open so you can stay alert to sinister sounds around you. Plus, they light you up like a Christmas tree so you’re far more visible to jerks driving around while typing out text messages on their iPhones. They won’t kill your wallet, either. You can grab a pair of these bone-conduction headphones with LEDs for just $63.96 using coupon code: DASHLYTE (regularly $99).

Dashlyte: Bone-conduction headphones for safety and quality audio

Dashlyte earphones blend modern tech with comfort and style. Bone-conduction technology is something of a game-changer in the headphone world, especially for those who need to maintain situational awareness. Unlike traditional headphones that transmit sound through the air in the ear canal, bone-conduction headphones deliver audio through vibrations sent directly to the inner ear through the cheekbones. That allows you to listen to music or take calls while still hearing what’s happening around you. Think AirPods Pro’s Transparency mode, only natural.

Bone-conduction earphones also work well for people who find jamming AirPods in their ears uncomfortable. With Dashlyte, nothing actually goes in your ear. That means you won’t struggle to find the perfectly sized rubber ear tip (or put up with a fit that irritates your ears).

Anyone who works in an office, frequently hits the gym, loves taking strolls or consistently hops on public transportation could benefit from these bone-conduction headphones. Keeping your earholes free and open is definitely the best way to know what’s going on around you.

LEDs light you up for better visibility, day or night

The Dashlyte bone-conduction headphones are also an excellent option for runners, walkers, hikers and cyclists who want to listen to their tunes or audiobooks without a wired connection. And Dashlyte’s LED neckband is an added safety measure for anyone who runs in the evening or walks their dog. The light-up neckband offers increased visibility, especially at night, making you more noticeable to drivers, bikers and even other pedestrians.

The headphones also come with a built-in noise-canceling mic that allows you to take and make calls without interference. Utilizing Bluetooth 5.3 makes the headphones’ wireless connections robust.

Add in IPX5 water resistance, a six-hour battery life (after a full charge) and the comfortable open-ear construction, and these bone-conduction headphones might just be the happy audio advance you’ve been waiting for.

Save on Dashlyte bone-conduction headphones

Stay connected, alert and entertained anywhere you go with these innovative, pain-free headphones. Pick up the Dashlyte bone-conduction headphones while they’re on sale for just $63.96 using coupon code DASHLYTE.

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