Bota Systems launches upgraded force-torque sensor for small cobots

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Bota Systems' SensONE T5 force-torque sensor on a UR cobot. The company is an official distribution and integration partner of Universal Robots and Mecademic.

The SensONE T5 force-torque sensor on a UR collaborative robot. | Source: Bota Systems

Bota Systems AG has launched the SenseONE T5, a high-sensitivity version of its SensONE multi-axis force-torque sensor. The company said its latest sensor provides a sensitivity level of 0.05 N / 0.002 Nm, which is three to five times higher than its predecessor.

Zurich-based Bota Systems said it built the SenseONE T5 for collaborative robots with small payloads of up to 11.02 lb. (5 kg). The compact and lightweight sensor offers optimal sensitivity for small robots, according to the company

“This new force-torque sensor’s excellent sensitivity opens up exciting new possibilities for collaborative small-payload robots, which are used for performing highly sensitive applications,” said Ilias Patsiaouras, co-founder and chief technology officer of Bota Systems, in a release. “The SensONE T5 will find its niche in end-of-line quality testing of small parts, such as buttons in electronics, as well as precision assembly of highly detailed, delicate tasks, such as the routing and installation of electric cables into cabinets.”

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SenseONE T5 designed for ease of integration

A robotic force-torque sensor is a device that simultaneously measures force and torque that is applied to a surface. The measured output signals are used for real-time feedback control, thus enabling cobots to perform challenging human-machine interaction tasks, explained Bota Systems.

It added that the sensor most commonly used for such robotic applications is a six-axis force-torque sensor, which measures the force and torque on all three axes. Bota Systems said it designed its latest system for challenging applications.

The SenseONE T5 comes in a dustproof, water-resistant, and compact package. The company claimed that it is easy to integrate into a robotic arm and requires no mounting adapter. 

Temperature drift on the sensor is negligible, and the new sensor provides accuracy exceeding 2% with a sampling rate of up to 2,000 Hz, said Bota. The sensor is available in two communications options: Serial USB/RS422 and EtherCat. It comes with smooth TwinCAT, URcap, ROS, LabVIEW, and MATLAB software integration, according to the company.

Bota Systems' SensONE T5 force-torque sensor.

The SensONE T5 force-torque sensor can be integrated into robotic arms without a mounting adapter. | Source: Bota Systems

See Bota Systems at the Robotics Summit & Expo

Bota Systems is an official distribution and integration partner of Universal Robots and Mecademic. In October 2023, the company added NEXT Robotics to its distributor network.

NEXT is now its official distributor for the German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. That same month, Bota Systems raised $2.5 million in seed funding. 

Marathon Venture Capital led the round, along with participation from angel investors. Bota Systems said it plans to use the funding to grow its team to address increasing demand by leading research labs and manufacturing companies. It also plans to accelerate its product roadmap.

To learn more about Bota Systems, visit it at Booth 315 at the Robotics Summit & Expo, which will be held on May 1 and 2 in Boston.

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