Cambrian Robotics obtains seed funding to provide vision for complex tasks

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Cambrian Robotics is applying machine vision to industrial robots

Cambrian is developing machine vision to give industrial robots new capabilities. Source: Cambrian Robotics

Machine vision startup Cambrian Robotics Ltd. this week announced that it has raised $3.5 million in seed+ funding. The company said it plans to use the investment to continue developing its artificial intelligence platform to enable robot arms “to surpass human capabilities in complex vision-based tasks across a variety of industries.”

Cambrian Robotics said its technology “empowers to automate a broad range of tasks, particularly those in advanced manufacturing and quality assurance that demand high precision and accuracy within dynamic environments. The London-based company has offices in Augsburg, Germany, and the U.S.

Cambrian noted that its executive team, led by CEO Miika Satori, has over 50 years of combined experience in AI and robotics. Joao Seabra, chief technology officer, is an award-winning roboticist, and Dr. Alexandre Borghi, head of AI, previously led research teams at a $3 billion AI chip startup.

“We are incredibly excited about the possibilities that our recent fundraising opens up,” said Satori. “Our primary goals are to enhance the scalability of the product and strengthen our sales and operations in our main target markets.”

“In addition, we are bringing new AI-vision-based skills to robot arms, further pushing boundaries in the field of robotics,” he added. “We are equally thrilled to begin collaborating with our new investors, whose support is pivotal in driving these advancements forward.”

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Cambrian Robotics vision already in use

Cambrian Robotics claimed that its AI-driven vision software and camera hardware enables existing robots to automate complex tasks that were previously only possible with manual methods. It said its systems enable robots to execute intricate assembly processes, bin picking, kitting, and pick-and-place operations “with unmatched accuracy in any lighting condition — a true breakthrough compared to current industry-leading AI vision capabilities.”

In addition, Cambrian can be installed in about half a day, works with all major industrial and collaborative robots, and can pick microparts precisely and in less than 200ms, said the company. Cambrian claimed that its technology is unique in that it can pick a wide range of parts, including transparent, plastic, and shiny metal.

Appliance manufacturers globally have deployed Cambrian for monitoring quality assurance and manufacturing defects that were previously unseen to the human eye, the company said. Cambrian is testing and deploying its vision systems to leading manufacturers including Toyota, Audi, Suzuki, Kao, and Electrolux.

“Although in our factories we have a high level of automation, we still have an important quantity of flexible components and manual processes, which add variability,” said Jaume Soriano, an industrial engineer at Electrolux Group. “Cambrian helps us keep moving toward a more automated manufacturing reality while being able to deal with variable scenarios.”

Cybernetix Ventures leads investment

Cybernetix Ventures and KST Invest GmbH led Cambrian Robotics’ seed funding, with participation from Yamaha Motor Ventures and Digital Media Professionals (DMP).

“Machine vision is a crowded space, but Cambrian has strong differentiation with its unique ability to identify small and transparent items with proprietary visual AI software,” said Fady Saad, founder and general partner of Cybernetix, who will join Cambrian’s board of directors. “Miika and his exceptional team have also managed to bring the product to market with active revenue from top brands.”

Boston-based Cybernetix Ventures is a venture capital firm investing into early-stage robotics, automation, and industrial AI startups. It offers its expertise to companies poised to make major impacts in sectors including advanced manufacturing, logistics/warehousing, architecture, engineering and construction and healthcare/medical devices.

KST Invest is a private fund established by one of the owner families of a leading German industrial automation firm. The fund has the objective to invest in robotics and advanced manufacturing among other themes. “Innovation is the livelihood of any business in industrial automation, specifically the combination of vision and robotics,” it said.

Cambrian is also backed by ff Venture Capital (ffVC), which invested in the company’s seed round. ffVC initially seeded Cambrian after the startup graduated from its accelerator, AI Nexus Lab, in partnership with New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering in Brooklyn.

Cambrian is already working with major manufacturers. Source: Cambrian Robotics

Cambrian is already working with major manufacturers. Source: Cambrian Robotics

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