CircleCI enables automated rollbacks in latest offering: CircleCI releases

CircleCI just announced a new feature that will allow developers to automate their release orchestration processes from within the CircleCI UI. 

According to the company, the main benefit of this new CircleCI releases feature is that it can give developers greater confidence in their releases and reduce mean-time-to-recovery for issues. 

Key capabilities that will come with CircleCI releases include the ability to connect CI/CD with customer experiences, automated rollbacks, real-time service validation, and performance degradation prevention.

The releases dashboard shows a timeline of releases for all components (with details on each), a list of release environments, and a list of components and their associated projects. 

“If you look at every other deploy and release vendor on the market, they’re built to service centralized release and operations teams who want tighter control over deploys,” said Rob Zuber, CTO of CircleCI. “But this doesn’t reflect the reality of elite software teams who depend on developers to drive and deliver fast innovation. Our approach to CircleCI releases provides a developer-centric workflow that enables them to ship faster and monitor new features in production coupled with the safety net of quickly rolling back releases if something goes wrong.”

This feature is now available for all CircleCI customers at no additional cost. It currently supports Kubernetes, Amazon SageMaker, and Argo Rollouts. 

The company also plans to add support for Blue-Green deployments later this year.

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