Cisco Secure Access named Leader in Zero Trust Network Access

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a critical component to increase productivity and reduce risk in today’s hyper-distributed environments. Cisco Secure Access provides a modern form of zero trust access that utilizes a new architecture to deliver a unique level of security and user convenience.  

We’re proud to announce that our innovative security service edge (SSE) solution, Cisco Secure Access, has been named an Overall Leader in the KuppingerCole Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) Leadership Compass. The report highlights Cisco as a leader in all four of the evaluation categories: overall, product, innovation, and market leadership. 

Why is ZTNA so important? 

Security leaders play a critical role in empowering organizations to connect and protect teams from anywhere, without compromising on security or convenience. ZTNA uses least privilege principles, contextual insights, and client or clientless-based methods to deny access by default and only allows access to apps or resources as appropriate.   

“Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is becoming increasingly essential as organizations adapt to remote work, cloud adoption, and the growing sophistication of cyber threats. Unlike traditional perimeter-based security models, ZTNA treats every user, application, or resource as untrusted and enforces strict security, access control, and comprehensive auditing to ensure visibility and accountability of all user activities.”
-Alejandro Leal, KuppingerCole 

Zero trust stands at the forefront of cybersecurity strategies, particularly as organizations navigate the complexities of remote work and increased cloud adoption. Cisco Secure Access offers a security service edge solution that embodies agility, connectivity, intelligence, and strength. 

What sets Cisco Secure Access apart? 

Recognizing the shift towards distributed and hybrid work models, Cisco Secure Access is engineered to modernize cybersecurity strategies, enabling organizations to implement zero trust with zero friction. It’s forward-looking security architecture that stands resilient against evolving threats.  

“Cisco Secure Access is a compelling case for workforce access, remote work, and hybrid scenarios. It stands out as a leading solution in the realm of Zero Trust for workforce security. Overall, Cisco can deliver remote access security in on-premises, hybrid, and cloud formats. ZTNA capabilities are also available in Cisco Secure Connect, their unified SASE solution which provides the combination of both security and networking functionality.”
-Alejandro Leal, KuppingerCole 

KuppingerCole’s identity and security analysts have acknowledged the transformative power of Cisco Secure Access, highlighting its comprehensive approach to ZTNA. But Cisco Secure Access is a holistic solution that includes industry-leading ZTNA capabilities and much more, including:  

  • Security convergence in the cloud: Get core SSE capabilities, including ZTNA, secure web gateway (SWG), cloud access security broker (CASB), and firewall as-a-service (FWaaS) along with multimode data loss protection (DLP), VPN as a service, DNS security, remote browser isolation (RBI), experience insights (DEM) and sandboxing, all delivered from one dashboard and client.  
  • Defense for users and resources from malware: Secure web gateway inspects web traffic, including encrypted, for protection. Files are scanned, known malicious content is blocked, and unknown files are sandboxed and analyzed. Controls can block specific activities and destinations that violate policy.  
  • Insights that expose shadow IT and protect sensitive data: CASB functionality discovers and controls SaaS cloud apps in use, including generative AI, and reports reputation, compliance, and risk scores. DLP protects against data exfiltration, and cloud malware detection removes infected files.  
  • Traffic monitoring and inspection: Firewall as a service with IPS examines non-web traffic at layers 3–7 and blocks threats. The DLP module identifies and blocks inappropriate ChatGPT prompts and replies. Experience insights (DEM) tracks the performance of endpoints, networks, and core SaaS apps for faster issue detection and remediation. 
  • Talos threat intelligence: Cisco Talos, a leading provider of cutting-edge security research globally, analyses 100s of billions of DNS requests and other telemetry data daily. It continuously runs AI, statistical, and machine learning models against this massive database to provide insight into cyber threats and improve time-to-detection. This helps security practitioners uncover malicious domains, IPs, and URLs before they’re used in attacks and prioritize incident investigations. 

Find out more about the leading edge of ZTNA 

With Cisco Secure Access, the future of cybersecurity is already here. Join us on this journey and discover how Cisco Secure Access is not just responding to the call for simpler, stronger cybersecurity—it’s answering with a definitive, authoritative voice that resonates across the industry. 

The KuppingerCole ZTNA Leadership Compass report can equip decision-makers with a deeper understanding of how ZTNA and Cisco Secure Access can amplify their security posture, reduce risk against sophisticated threats, and shape a robust security strategy for a distributed workforce.  

Download the report and see firsthand how Cisco Secure Access is redefining the ZTNA landscape with unmatched capabilities that safeguard your organization’s digital future.  

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