discovery for technical platform teams |

  • The Technical Platform:
    • What are we trying to achieve by having Technical Platform teams?
      • Which product are they working on?
    • How differs their setup from product teams?
    • Are there other things that are different?
  • Product Discovery:
    • What – in general – are we trying to achieve during Product Discovery?
      • Which problems are we solving?
      • What roles should be involved to do this well?
      • How to document those?
    • What are the questions we ask ourselves during this phase?
    • How to keep a good pace? The “customers” are facing a problem now and also expect an instant solution.
    • Is this different for Platform Products?
      • What aspects need additional attention?
      • How well do engineers in the Platform Space know the challenges engineers in product teams are facing?
        • How to get a common understanding of their problems?

We wanted to stay away from discovery techniques as Double Diamond, Triple Diamond, Opportunity Solution Tree, Hypothesis Prioritization Canvas. Let us know if you want a specific episode on these techniques.

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