EAS update; changes not visible inside of app

I am trying to apply a hotfix to my iOS application (which uses React Native).
When visiting expo.dev the update seems to be applied succesfully, although reopening the app over and over does not result in the hotfix being applied.

Update information

  • Branch: master,
  • Runtime version: exposdk:49.0.0
  • Platforms Android, iOS (Android is irrelevant in this case)

Branch information

  • Name: master
  • Latest update: the update which I had applied, this seems to be correct

Channel information

  • Name: master
  • Linked branches: master

Deployment information

  • Exposdk: 49.0.0
  • Channel: master
  • Branch: master

package.json information

  • expo-updates version ^0.18.12 is used

eas.json information

    "cli": {
        "version": ">= 3.13.1"
    "build": {
        "development": {
            "developmentClient": true,
            "distribution": "internal"
        "preview": {
            "android": {
                "buildType": "apk"
        "production": {
            "channel": "master"  
    "submit": {
        "production": {}

app.json information

      "expo": {
        "ios": {
          "supportsTablet": true,
          "bundleIdentifier": "com.pasjesapp.ios",
          "icon": "./assets/icons/ios-icon-1024x1024.png",
          "buildNumber": "1.0.8"
        "extra": {
          "eas": {
            "projectId": "MYPROJECTID"
        "runtimeVersion": {
          "policy": "sdkVersion"
        "updates": {
          "url": "<https://u.expo.dev/MYPROJECTID>"

eas update --branch master --message "MYMESSAGE" this is the command I run in order to update the app.

The iOS preview from expo.dev shows the correct hotfix being applied.

===== Expected result =====
The hotfix is applied to the iOS app after closing it a 2 to 5 times.

Hope anyone can help!

What I have tried

  • adding a different update
  • checking the branch, update, channel
  • checking to see if the configuration is correctly setup
  • following the debug steps on https://docs.expo.dev/eas-update/debug/?redirected
  • checking other stackoverflow posts about issues similair to this one

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