Extreme Manufacturing Engineering acquires two metal 3D printers from Bright Laser Technologies

Bright Laser Technologies (BLT) has announced the sale of two metal additive manufacturing systems to Italian service provider Extreme Manufacturing Engineering (EME).

EME agreed the acquisition of the BLT-S800 and BLT-S450 at Formnext, and has moved to purchase the two machines to address the growing demand for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing services in Italy.

The BLT-S800 has been designed for serial manufacturing and boasts eight 500W lasers operating across a 800 x 800 x 800 mm build volume. The BLT-S450, meanwhile, is equipped with six lasers and a 450 x 450 x 450 mm build volume, making it suitable for small and medium-sized parts.

“We have increasing demand for additively manufactured parts in Europe, especially in automotive, consumer electronics, medical devices, and other applications, such as structural parts for amusement rides,” commented Eddi Tomat, CEO of EME. “Given their rich history and leadership in additive manufacturing, BLT is the ideal partner for us. Additionally, the BLT team has consistently demonstrated professionalism and attentiveness in addressing our needs and inquiries and we anticipate fostering even closer collaboration with BLT.”

“BLT has taken the lead in introducing the large-format printing system in the industry, with extensive experience in the development of large-sized, multi-laser printing solutions. These two systems have undergone years of market validation. We hope to lower the threshold of adopting this technology and bring metal 3D printing to millions of factories by adhering to the principle of ‘’make it possible, make it affordable. We are happy that BLT and EME reached the consensus,” added Dr Xue Lei, CEO of BLT.

BLT spoke to TCT about its metal additive manufacturing technologies ahead of Formnext.

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