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First off, I am not a developer. I’m a designer with some background of HTML/CSS etc, and I’ve been trying to build my first iOS app as a fun project.

I don’t know Swift of course, so have been working heavily with ChatGPT, again as a trial. It’s gone ok, and my app was essentially ready to submit.

I then had the bright idea of tidying all my files up first, and part of that was to change the app’s name as the project had evolved a little. Not content with just changing the display name, I wanted to change all references in Xcode, so asked Chat GPT’s help.

And, predictably, it all went horribly wrong and has since failed to build at all.

The error it gives is “Command CodeSign failed with a nonzero exit code” which apparently relates to signing. It seems most likely to be some kind of certificate issue, although it HAS to be connected with the name change as I had no build or archive issues before.

I’ve tried everything that I understand how to do, and have started all the certificates again but to no avail.

I’m tempted to start again in a new project and migrate each file across manually, but not sure this will be a solution if the certificates are causing the grief. I did, however, just start a new Hello world project as a test and that was fine.

Any help gratefully received, though you’ll need to keep it pretty simple 🙂

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