ios – mapbox dependies failed to resolve

I had to adjust some packages in my xcode project. Currently the entire project is broken and I am faced with this.

    Failed to resolve dependencies Dependencies could not be 
    resolved because 'mapbox-maps-ios' depends on 'mapbox-common- 
    ios' 24.2.0-beta.1 and 'mapbox-navigation-ios' depends on 
    'mapbox-navigation-native-ios' 182.0.0..<183.0.0.
    'mapbox-navigation-native-ios' 182.0.0..<183.0.0 practically 
    depends on 'mapbox-common-ios' 23.8.0..<24.0.0 because 'mapbox- 
    navigation-native-ios' 182.0.0 depends on 'mapbox-common-ios' 
    23.8.0..<24.0.0 and no versions of 'mapbox-navigation-native- 
    ios' match the requirement 182.0.1..<183.0.0.

Any help would be appreciated.

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