ios – SpriteKit unable to unarchive an SKEmitterNode subclass from sks file

I have the following code:

final class PassthroughEmitterNode: SKEmitterNode {
  static func load(fnWithoutExtension: String, in bundle: Bundle) -> SKEmitterNode? {
      let sksPath = bundle.path(forResource: fnWithoutExtension, ofType: "sks"),
      let sksData = try? Data(contentsOf: URL(fileURLWithPath: sksPath)),
      let unarchiver = try? NSKeyedUnarchiver(forReadingFrom: sksData),
      let texturePath = bundle.path(forResource: fnWithoutExtension, ofType: "png"),
      let textureImage = UIImage(contentsOfFile: texturePath)
    else { return nil }
    // Required to decode into subclass
    unarchiver.setClass(self.classForKeyedUnarchiver(), forClassName: "SKEmitterNode")
    let emitter = unarchiver.decodeObject(forKey: NSKeyedArchiveRootObjectKey) as? PassthroughEmitterNode
    guard let emitter else { return nil }
    // We still need to set texture, because the texture file is not in main bundle
    emitter.particleTexture = SKTexture(image: textureImage)
    // Have to enable user interaction to receive touch
    emitter.isUserInteractionEnabled = true
    return emitter

This is very similar to reading a SKScene subclass instance from SKS file (such as this: using sks file with SKScene subclass).

However, this doesn’t work. The unarchiver’s decoding always returns nil.

But unarchiving to SKEmitterNode class itself works. The subclass doesn’t work.

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