javascript – iOS 17: changing contrast and darkness of canvas content – is this a bug?

I appologize beforehand as it is not a detailed question, but more of a general inquiry. The goal of this question is to find out whether this is an actual bug in iOS 17 and if so, where to best report this.

Since the update to iOS 17, the pictures in our virtual tours randomly turn very dark and high contrast. They are shown in a canvas so it looks like the entire canvas content is being manipulated. However nothing in our code does this, it happens very randomly (not in every picture and also not in the same pictures every time) and it’s only in iOS 17 (not in other iOS versions, Mac, Windows, Android, …).
We tried debugging for hours and hours but nothing indicates that this is caused by anything in our code.

To try it out yourself: visit

To see it in action:

non iOS 17: what it looks like on other devices

iOS 17:what it looks like on iOS 17

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