maxon launches drive systems portfolio designed for robotics

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maxon says its deep vertical integration allows it to provide all key components of a tightly integrated robotics drive from a single source. | Source: maxon

maxon has launched its new drive systems portfolio that is specifically designed for modern robotics applications. The company says it believes that fast-moving robotics companies should focus on their core robotics value drivers and challenges, and leave it to maxon to take care of key complexities typically associated with robotics actuators, including high performance, reliability, supply chains, integration, and testing. 

Modern robotics require highly scalable manufacturing of complex and highly performant robotics actuation. In these circumstances, robustness and reliability are key, especially for modern robots that often operate in unstructured environments. maxon says this is one of its strengths. According to the company, it designs and tests all of its robotics products to the highest quality standards. 

The Bad Homburg, Germany-based company’s new portfolio contains 15 different actuators divided into two families: High Efficiency Joints and High Precision Joints. maxon says each provides unique benefits to address a broad range of robotics industries. 

maxon’s High Efficiency Joint line

maxon’s newly launched High Efficiency Joint HEJ 90-48-140.

maxon’s newly launched High-Efficiency Joint HEJ 90-48-140. It provides 140 Nm and 13 rad/s at the joint, is IP67 rated, and contains all necessary electronics and sensors for modern robotics control systems. | Source: maxon

The High Efficiency Joints integrate torque-dense electric motors from maxon’s EC frameless DT motor lineup, planetary gears, electronics, sensing, and support structures into a fully integrated IP67 ingress-protected actuator unit. 

maxon says this line of joints achieves up to 86% efficiencies and can output high continuous powers. This is also thanks to the joints’ integrated cooling capabilities. The joint line’s control system can be configured flexibly and support independent control of the joint. 

maxon says target applications are mobile robots in unstructured environments. This can include humanoids, quadrupeds, exoskeletons, or mobile manipulators. The company says its systems enable roboticists to quickly create a high-performing robot that follows modern design principles such as dictated by deep reinforcement learning and related simulation approaches. 

maxon targets systems integrators with High Precision Joints 

maxon High Precision Joints.

maxon’s High Precision Joints feature strain-wave gearboxes with no backlash and high-resolution output encoders. | Source: maxon

The High Precision Joints are more configurable systems based on strain-wave gearboxes and high-resolution output encoders. While these actuators also feature torque-dense electric motors, maxon says it’s targeting systems integrators. It hopes to enable them to quickly create robotics systems like collaborative or industrial manipulators or surgical robots. 

maxon’s High Precision Joints allow the creation of well-optimized robots. When combined with the company’s customer-facing robotics design simulation, optimization, and consulting services, the company ensures that customers obtain the right robotic system for their application. 

maxon is a fully vertically integrated provider of actuation systems ranging from brushed to brushless motors, sensors, gears, and electronics. This enables the company to provide robotics actuators that are high-performing, low-cost, and adaptive to customer requirements, maxon said. 

Tobias Wellerdieck, head of robotic drive systems at maxon, will be speaking at the Robotics Summit & Expo, held on May 1-2 at the Boston Convention Center. His talk, “Holistic Drive System Optimization for Robotics,” will discuss the challenges that come with developing robotic systems for new, complex markets. 

maxon will also be exhibiting on the Robotics Summits’ show floor at booth #327. The company is also a Gold Sponsor of the event. Registration is now open for the event.

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