RBR50 Spotlight: Amazon strengthens robotics portfolio with heavy duty mobile robot

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Organization: Amazon Robotics
Country: U.S.
Website: www.amazon.jobs/en/teams/amazon-robotics
Year Founded: 2003
Number of Employees: 501-1000
Innovation Class: Technology, Product & Services

Editor’s Note: The 2024 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards were announced on April 9. The RBR50 has been around for the past 12 years, and the inaugural RBR50 Gala was held during the Robotics Summit & Expo in Boston. The Robot Report will be highlighting each RBR50 winner throughout the year.

Amazon is the world’s largest user of industrial robots. It has deployed more than 750,000 robots to help fulfill customer orders. According to the Seattle-based e-commerce giant, more than 75% of all customer orders globally are delivered with the help of robots.

rbr50 banner logo.That number is only going to increase going forward with the introduction of robots like Titan, Amazon’s new mobile robot. Titan can transport heavy-duty payloads up to 2,500 lb. (1,133.9 kg). That is two times more than Hercules, which is Amazon’s most broadly deployed mobile robot.

Titan integrates several technologies from Amazon’s other mobile robots for battery management, computer vision, obstacle detection, and user control. It can also integrate with other robots Amazon uses throughout its facilities by using familiar hardware components to manage its operating system “as it plans, executes, and interfaces with other technologies.”

Amazon said its SAT1 fulfillment center in San Antonio, Texas, is the first to deploy Titan. It will work with other robots to move heavy objects, including small household appliances or pallets of pet food and gardening equipment, and allow people to focus on new tasks.

While there are other heavy-duty mobile robots on the market, Amazon developing and deploying Titan in its facilities proves these robots are ready for primetime. Titan increases the number of SKUs Amazon can move via robotics, meaning it could be another game-changing robot for Amazon, joining the likes of Hercules, Pegasus, Proteus, Robin, and more. Titan is a continuation of Amazon’s decades of robotics research to better serve its customers and create a better workplace for its employees.

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Explore the RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards 2024.

RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards 2024

Organization Innovation
ABB Robotics Modular industrial robot arms offer flexibility
Advanced Construction Robotics IronBOT makes rebar installation faster, safer
Agility Robotics Digit humanoid gets feet wet with logistics work
Amazon Robotics Amazon strengthens portfolio with heavy-duty AGV
Ambi Robotics AmbiSort uses real-world data to improve picking
Apptronik Apollo humanoid features bespoke linear actuators
Boston Dynamics Atlas shows off unique skills for humanoid
Brightpick Autopicker applies mobile manipulation, AI to warehouses
Capra Robotics Hircus AMR bridges gap between indoor, outdoor logistics
Dexterity Dexterity stacks robotics and AI for truck loading
Disney Disney brings beloved characters to life through robotics
Doosan App-like Dart-Suite eases cobot programming
Electric Sheep Vertical integration positions landscaping startup for success
Exotec Skypod ASRS scales to serve automotive supplier
FANUC FANUC ships one-millionth industrial robot
Figure Startup builds working humanoid within one year
Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics evoBot features unique mobile manipulator design
Gardarika Tres Develops de-mining robot for Ukraine
Geek+ Upgrades PopPick goods-to-person system
Glidance Provides independence to visually impaired individuals
Harvard University Exoskeleton improves walking for people with Parkinson’s disease
ifm efector Obstacle Detection System simplifies mobile robot development
igus ReBeL cobot gets low-cost, human-like hand
Instock Instock turns fulfillment processes upside down with ASRS
Kodama Systems Startup uses robotics to prevent wildfires
Kodiak Robotics Autonomous pickup truck to enhance U.S. military operations
KUKA Robotic arm leader doubles down on mobile robots for logistics
Locus Robotics Mobile robot leader surpasses 2 billion picks
MassRobotics Accelerator Equity-free accelerator positions startups for success
Mecademic MCS500 SCARA robot accelerates micro-automation
MIT Robotic ventricle advances understanding of heart disease
Mujin TruckBot accelerates automated truck unloading
Mushiny Intelligent 3D sorter ramps up throughput, flexibility
NASA MOXIE completes historic oxygen-making mission on Mars
Neya Systems Development of cybersecurity standards harden AGVs
NVIDIA Nova Carter gives mobile robots all-around sight
Olive Robotics EdgeROS eases robotics development process
OpenAI LLMs enable embedded AI to flourish
Opteran Applies insect intelligence to mobile robot navigation
Renovate Robotics Rufus robot automates installation of roof shingles
Robel Automates railway repairs to overcome labor shortage
Robust AI Carter AMR joins DHL’s impressive robotics portfolio
Rockwell Automation Adds OTTO Motors mobile robots to manufacturing lineup
Sereact PickGPT harnesses power of generative AI for robotics
Simbe Robotics Scales inventory robotics deal with BJ’s Wholesale Club
Slip Robotics Simplifies trailer loading/unloading with heavy-duty AMR
Symbotic Walmart-backed company rides wave of logistics automation demand
Toyota Research Institute Builds large behavior models for fast robot teaching
ULC Technologies Cable Splicing Machine improve safety, power grid reliability
Universal Robots Cobot leader strengthens lineup with UR30

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