RGo Robotics integrates NVIDIA Isaac technology into its perception platforms

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RGo Robotics and NVIDIA.

A mobile robot based on NVIDIA Isaac Perceptor libraries and RGo perception can quickly be set up in new facilities, operate reliably in any environment, and automate tasks both indoors and outdoors, say the companies. | Source: RGo Robotics

RGo Robotics Inc. this week announced it will integrate NVIDIA’s Isaac Robotics technology into its perception platforms. The company said the integration will “help advance AI-powered automation.”

RGo said its Perception Engine is an artificial intelligence and vision system for localization, obstacle detection, and scene understanding. By combining it with NVIDIA Isaac Perceptor acceleration libraries, the partners said they will enable customers to deploy mobile robots within a few months.

The integrated software stack is compatible with the new NVIDIA Nova Orin Developer kit and is intended to ease setup for robots in changing environments, both indoors and outdoors. 

“The RGo Perception Engine running on NVIDIA Jetson Orin modules is already deployed in dynamic and complex warehousing and manufacturing environments, helping enable intelligent automation in places not possible before,” stated Amir Bousani, co-founder and CEO of RGo Robotics.

“The expanded integration and availability of the RGo Perception Engine with NVIDIA Isaac Perceptor will help enable many more customers to deploy more intelligent mobile machines that can operate reliably in any environment,” he asserted. “Visual perception is an enabler for the generative AI revolution in robotics.”

RGo Robotics said it creates technology to enable machines to perceive their surroundings. The company, which has offices in Caesarea, Israel, and Cambridge, Mass., said its software helps robots learn on the go using computer vision, AI algorithms, and scalable sensor-fusion technology. 

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RGO Robotics updates, integrates flagship software

Perception Engine is the flagship product of RGo Robotics. The company claimed that engineers can use its modular AI stack can be used to enable autonomous driving of robots, remote operations, tracking of assets and inventory, geofencing, and dynamic shared mapping. 

The integration of Isaac Perceptor with Perception Engine will provide advanced vision capabilities to AMRs, said RGo and NVIDIA. They said this integrated software stack is compatible with NVIDIA’s recently released Nova Orin Developer Kit. 

“The era of robots powered by physical AI is here,” said Deepu Talla, vice president of robotics and edge AI at NVIDIA. “RGo’s solutions for AMRs, accelerated by NVIDIA Isaac, will let customers across industries deploy mobile robots that can better perceive, understand, and interact with the world around them.”

The companies said their combined offering will allow customers to use the unique data generated by the platform. This data includes positioning, dynamic mapping, and geometric and semantic understanding. This allows customers to enhance intelligent robots with generative AI-powered autonomy, natural language human-machine interaction, and advanced analysis and insights. 

RGo Robotics plans to work with NVIDIA Isaac software tools and packages, as well as NVIDIA Metropolis vision AI developer tools to build, deploy, and scale vision AI and generative AI. With these, it can identify obstacles, including very challenging ones like forks on the floor, as well as other features that are unique to specific customers.

In addition, RGo said it will be able to use Isaac to offer advanced capabilities such as the generation of facility maps using just a camera.

In his keynote at Computex this week, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang noted that an AMR using NVIDIA Isaac Perceptor and RGo Perception Engine was set up to run in an actual production environment within three days.

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