STL file Fast and the Furious Brian’s Eclipse w/ Dummy Chassis (Xmod and MiniZ)・3D printing model to download・Cults

3D model description

Body In use Video Here:
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Listed is a 95 Eclipse F&F1 that fits 90mm Narrow Xmods and MiniZ chassis using my current clip mounts. Includes both a Resin print file with thin walls for light Resin usage and a thicker model for FDM (Plastic) printing so a solid few walls of filament can be laid.

Included now is a dummy chassis so the car body can be enjoyed without needing a proper fitting chassis. The chassis will use the MiniZ Clips as different ride heights can be selected. As well is a set of Dummy Wheels that slide onto the axle nubs. MiniZ MR Wheels will fit over the hubs naturally, AWD and Xmods wheels will need to be screwed in using a short M2 screw. More wheels and tires can be found elsewhere either printed or purchased.

For Clear windows and headlights to use with LEDs (if room available for wheels), print in Clear resin and mask off with Painter’s tape and/or Masking Fluid.

Car pictured was printed in Clear Resin, painted using Rust-oleum White Primer, Custom mixed Acrylic paint for Color, 2K Finish 1st Clear, and various paint pens from Hobby Lobby.

Video Tutorial on Painting these models can be found here:

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