Ways to Improve High Transactional Customer User Experience

Financial institutions continue to look for ways to align technology with strategic business goals to improve and better understand customer service, workforce experience and impact of applications across portfolios of solutions and services, including full stack observability (“FSO”) and application performance monitoring (“APM”) for comprehensive digital experience monitoring and fast problem resolution.

Bank, insurance and wealth customer journeys frequently begin on mobile or online channels supported by integrated, intelligent self-service and agent-based customer interaction capabilities. Consumers demand digital experiences and easy access to financial services product sales and service. Leaders in strategic IT and digital transformation roles need to be able to navigate observability practices across these hybrid environments with a mix of on-prem and cloud applications, and in multi-cloud environments. There is increased demand for financial institutions in highly transactional environments to better understand user experience, including credit card and insurance claim processing across branches, ISPs, retailers, data centers, networks, and cloud.

Through the Cisco FSO Platform App Exchange, Cisco ecosystem partner Evolutio is directly addressing ways to harness data to make timely business decisions, with fintech and insuretech application capabilities including:

  • Observability – understand the business, revenue, and user impact of application performance
  • Data science and AI – AI applied across IT and business segments to monetize client data
  • Automation – accelerate innovation with rapid deployment for application updates, and self-service automation
  • Security – meet industry compliance with the ability to identify, analyze, and act on critical security risks

With a top three credit reporting provider, Evolutio delivered a personal loan AI “Propensity to Buy” machine-learning model, which validated accuracy of the behavior of over 2.5 million consumers. The integrated model was deployed in a production environment in two weeks, and accurately predicted 80 percent of consumers which took out a personal loan.

Evolutio is partnering with a top five U.S. insurance company to measure claim lifecycle data during auto appraisal processing, including appraisers searched, appointments scheduled and appointments booked. Predictive analytics tangibly accelerate the speed of auto claim processing for method of inspection, parts workflow, damage assessment and claim settlements. Claims lifecycle health is tracked closely to tangibly improve net promoter scores and customer experience.

Laura Vetter

“Our clients in banking, insurance, and wealth management, due to their industry, will always have bare metal, mainframe, and other on-prem infrastructure while other workloads march to the cloud. Finserv has the challenging task of de-risking IT operations, while also modernizing user journeys across their software ecosystems. Evolutio is building solutions to help keep both the user and the hybrid IT considerations in mind to make banking and insurance a better experience,” said Laura Vetter, Co-Founder and CTO at Evolutio.

We welcome the opportunity to talk further about ways Cisco and Evolutio can help make banking, insurance and wealth management easier for your customers. And to take your customer’s high transactional demands to another level.

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