ADU 01228: Which are The Best Drones for Flying Over People?

Which are the best drones for flying over people? What are the drone laws for flying over people?

Today’s show is about flying drones over people.

Specifically, our caller for today, Bryan would like to know if there are any drones available in the market that comply with all the regulatory requirements for flying over people.

Great question, Bryan. And certainly, not a straightforward one.

We start this show by referencing the RaceDay Quad lawsuit challenging drone remote-id.

Next up, you will learn how drones are currently classified into 3 distinct categories – 1, 2, and 3. Which category does your drone fall into?

Towards the end of the show, Paul shares why DJI’s Phantom series is best suited for those flying over people. And we also have an interesting discussion on whether or not drone parachutes result in enhanced airspace safety.

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  • [04:16] Today’s question is about flying drones over people
  • [05:19] Will remote-id make it easier to fly over people?
  • [09:16] About Race day Quad’s lawsuit challenging the FAA and remote ID
  • [13:05] Flying over people under category 1 regulations
  • [14:06] Will drone propellers on DJI drones lacerate skin and violate category 1 regulations?
  • [18:36] Which drones fall under category 2? Can you fly category 2 drones over people?
  • [20:46] What is the threshold to determine that your drone is safe to be flown over people? Learn about injury severity limit and other important parameters
  • [22:48] Why DJI Phantom’s series is so well suited for flying over people
  • [23:14] Do drone parachutes make it easier to fly over people?


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