ADU 01230: How to Set Up a Successful Drone Business WITHOUT Quitting Your Day Job

Today’s show is about setting up and managing a successful drone business WITHOUT quitting your day job.

Our caller for Billy is keen on setting up his drone business. However, he does not want to quit his full-time, W-2 job till he has established himself in the industry and built up a steady stream of work.

To help Billy out, we first lay out the most important things that he must consider when making this difficult transition.

You will learn how to master the art of selling on the internet. And how to build your brand while reaching out to your target audience.

Towards the end, Paul also shares some great pointers so that Billy can become more effective at pitching his services.

If you are torn between a W-2 job and setting up a new drone business, this show is for you.

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  • [04:00] Learn all about Drone U’s latest offering – classes and courses
  • [07:25] Today’s question is about setting up a successful drone business without quitting your full-time job
  • [10:17] Is running a drone business significantly different in comparison to a steady, full-time job?
  • [14:04] How do business owners and clients perceive professionals working part-time on their businesses
  • [21:18] How to master the art of selling your services on the internet
  • [31:51] Perfecting your sales pitch
  • [39:36] How a positive public perception can boost your business revenues

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