ADU 01233: How to Streamline Operations and Efficiently Manage a Drone Fleet

Managing a Large Drone Inventory, Buying the Right Drone Insurance, and Refining Skillsets

Today’s show is about managing a drone fleet. We talk about team and inventory management, & buying the best and most affordable drone insurance.

Our caller for today, Andrew has some interesting questions for us today about managing a large drone fleet.

Specifically, some of the questions that we discuss today…

Will setting up a drone business LLC shield your personal assets from any potential business liabilities?

Does your insurance policy cover autonomous flights as well?

Should you register your drone under your name or your drone business’s name?

You will also learn about PROPS, a platform by Drone U built specifically to administer large teams of drone pilots.

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  • [01:29] Learn more about the Drone U PROPS program
  • [02:17] Today’s question, Andrew, is about planning registrations and insurance for your drone business and ways to ensure inventory management
  • [07:07] What are the main benefits of setting up a drone business LLC?
  • [11:44] How to buy and the most affordable drone insurance; are autonomous flights insured as well?
  • [14:07] Why upskilling drone pilots is critical for smooth operations
  • [14:20] How Drone U’s PROPS program can help you better manage your inventory
  • [15:38] As a drone service provider, are you responsible for buying insurance?
  • [17:08] Should drone businesses buy GL insurance?

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