ADU 1317: Who controls the skies OTHER than the FAA?

Do states hold authority on airspace over the FAA? What can one do against state attempting to control airspace
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On today’s show we discuss about states continuing to regulate airspace operations over the FAA and plan to pass regulations.

Our question for today is from Ryan who is referring to Montana’s recent attempt to regulate airspace in Montana and if states hold authority over the FAA. Thanks for the question Ryan. We address this continuing issue of states attempting (and potentially failing) to controlling airspace. We discuss past instances and cases of states attempting to regulate the airspace and eventually failing with the FAA ensuring that they continue to control airspace. We discuss what pilots can do in such scenarios and how they can be advocates of ensuring right authority is maintained for pilots to fly consistently in the US airspace.

Tune in today to learn more !!

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[01:15] Today’s question senate bill proposed in Montana and does the FAA laws hold good
[02:29] What past instances of states trying to overrule the federal laws are relevant
[03:40] Does Montana have the authority to enforce their rules
[06:33] The topic of public domain and airspace management and what can one do about advocating senators

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