ADU 1322: Can I Use the DJI Smart Controller with Other DJI Drones – Like the Phantom 4 Pro?

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On today’s show we discuss about controllers and their compatibility with drones across models and generations.

Our question for today is from Duane who would like to use his controllers from DJI across different DJI models. Thanks for the question Duane. In this short episode we go over compatibility of drone and drone controllers. We first discuss about smart controllers, their use and if their internal workings allow compatibility. We then go over when controllers can be used to fly other drones and lastly inform how pilots can assess the compatibility of their controllers and drones.

Tune in today to listen to the detail and learn more about the compatibility of your drone and controllers!!

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[02:29] Today’s question on what all jobs can a pilot take in future with the equipment they have?
[04:30] Current industry scenario with DJI’s outlook on the drone market and equipment
[05:41] Can DSPs actually use today’s newer drone or are older drones still in use?
[08:33] What flight skills will remain relevant in the future?

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