ADU 1346: Can I fly my drone over people?

On Today’s podcast, we discuss all about flying over people. Over the years we all have seen several drone shots of flying over people, most commonly during events such as wedding, and sporting telecasts. Our question for today is from Tom, about carrying out flights over wedding asking us about what are the best drones for flying over people and in reality if the regulations actually allow such flights.

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On today’s podcast we discuss everything about flying over people and the regulations therein. We discuss changes to rules about flying over people by the FAA and go over what the regulations now consider when flying over people. We also discuss the DJI reporting structure and if flying a sub 250gm drone actually constitutes to complying with the existing categories for flights. We then discuss category 2 and 3 requirements and delve into eligibilities and compliance to Remote ID. Lastly we discuss practical solutions to flying over people and the perfect drones for conducting flights over people while not comprising on the quality of footage.

Tune in today as we discuss everything about flying over people and drone considerations.

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[01:18] Learn more about upcoming construction themed Drone U experience training
[03:55] Today’s question on flying over people regulations
[06:33] Changes to rules about flying over people and FAA updates
[07:43] DJI minis and the point of going over the limits of category 1
[09:23] DJI reporting of weight of drone going over the specified weight limits
[12:07] Category 2 and 3 eligibilities for drone pilots and compliance to Remote ID
[16:52] Flights in an open air assembly
[20:10] Practical solutions to flying over considering existing regulations and using the right drone for carrying flights over people

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